Saturday, September 22, 2012

Rainbow honey 20%cooler and the worst possible thing.

 Hello there!
This evening i have 2 polishes from rainbow honey. the first one is called 20%cooler. i put this over Essence Vampire i used 1 coat of 20% cooler and then Seche Vite on top. as you can see i got some shrinkage straight away...yuck! there were a few curling glitters in this polish but flattened out pretty quick with the top coat.

 Artificial light


Next up is rainbow honey the worst possible thing . again 1 coat over ulta3 midnight then i coat of SV on top. i have to say though i loved this polish in the bottle it just did not look the same on the nail :(  but it is still really glittery so you cannot complain as i love any glitter!

do not forget that i still have plenty of polished in my blog sale and the giveaway for my first polish collection 2 Ghoul 4 Skool is on till the end of the month.

Tara :)

Monday, September 10, 2012

blog sale more added and reduced

just a quick one to let you all know that i have added a bunch of polishes to my blogsale and reduced others.

tara :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

2 Ghoul 4 Skool collection giveaway!

 So now it is time to giveaway my complete collection to some lucky polish addict!!!

Would you like to with this new set of polishes??? the raffle is open to all, international and Australians!
 the raffle finishes on the 30th september 2012.

Here are the colours.....
 BLUE LAGOON **bonus shade**

 Good luck everyone!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, September 3, 2012

2 Ghoul 4 Skool collection swatches.

After a lot of painting my nails and waiting for sunshine so i could photograph some of them in the sun, here are the swatches.

(All pics are 2 coats of polish over a base coat, and my nails have a top coat of seche vite)

first up is ABBY-LANCHE

This is a white shimmer polish with pale pink,grape and baby blue matte square glitter and lavender,blue and hot pink matte hex glitter. all pics are with 2 coats.

(The left swatch has a base coat of black.)

Next up is QUEEN MUMMY

This is a copper/brown to green colour shifting polish. this polish is also slightly holographic. the polish also has gold holo hex suspended in it.
It was hard to capture the holographic qualities of this polish and the green colour shift. but you can see on the nails i used a black base coat the green shift shows itself a little more.

(The left swatch has a base coat of black.)

Next in the collection is....

This polish is a bright blue sheer shimmer polish with red and black matte hex and shiny square glitter in 2 sizes. I did not put a mass of the larger hex in the polish as i only wanted a few on a nail here and there. The polish also looks great over black base. the blue really stands out.

(The left swatch has a base coat of black.)

The fourth polish in the collection is called......

Snap! Snap! is a green shimmer polish with hot pink square and hex matte glitter in 3 different sizes. THis polish really looks great over black base coat as you can see below. the pale green almost goes emerald over black! This polish is my daughter Zoe's favorite of the collection.

(The left swatch has a base coat of black.)

This next polish is one of my favorites!....


This polish is the glitter bomb of the collection. there is red,orange,yellow and blue matte glitter with fine holographic glitter and fine black glitter. this looks awesome on nearly every polish!

(on this swatch left to right no base colour,white then black base colour.)

(The left swatch has a base coat of black.)

Last but not least is.......


This polish is another colour shifting polish. this polish goes from orange to blue. the blue really shows itself over black base coat. there are fine blue hex throughout this polish.

(The left swatch has a base coat of black.)

how great is that colour shift!!!!

Now if you love all these polishes you are going to love the ****BONUS**** polish i have to share.
This is what i am calling my mystery shade. (blue lagoon) it is inspired by Lagoona Blue my daughters favorite character in monster high. Now if you want a bottle of this polish you need to the whole collection for $30.00 from my Etsy shop...loki's lacquer or enter the giveaway which i am putting up soon.
When you buy the whole 2 Ghoul 4 Skool collection  this polish is your free bonus.

So here are the pics of the MYSTERY SHADE (blue Lagoon)

So this polish has everything! it is a colour shifting polish from blue to green to purple/pink. The polish as you can see is also a holographic polish. on to of all of that lovely goodness there is colour shifting blue to purple square glitter suspended in the polish.
When you put this on it just goes POW! on your nails! my daughter really wanted a great polish for her fav character and i think we did it!


above and below (over black base coat)

 (left  swatch over black base coat)

I hope you like our collection it is on sale in mini bottles on my blog above and on etsy at loki's lacquer

Tara :)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Loki's Lacquer is now open.

After a bunch of sweat and tear from me and my 10 year old Zoe we have finally opened our Etsy shop Loki's Lacquer.

We are releasing a monster high inspired collection of polishes.







I will be posting swatches of all these shades over the next few days.

in the mean time i have a coupon code for anyone who purchases from my etsy store Loki's Lacquer. in the next 2 weeks.

just use the coupon MONSTERS for 10% off.

PLUS if you purchase all 6 polishes you will recieve a free mystery shade.

here is a little sneek peek........

It is AWESOME..... and yes that is holographic goodness you see there!!! plus it is colour shifting too!!!!

and to celebrate this release of my new collection i will be holding a giveaway on my blog this week for the whole collection. and YES it will be held internationally.

so watch this space!!!!

Tara :)