Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Gelicious lights out, french white and bikini wax swatches

Hi there everyone!
Today I have 3 swatches for some pretty Gelicious gel polishes. The reason for a gel post on Wednesday not Friday you ask???  Well as part of my "What to buy mum for mothers day" posts, I wanted to share with you Gelicious. As a brand they have a great range to choose from with their lamps, starter kits and gel polish range. The application is easy to apply and they are always having great offers to purchase their product.

Ok so I thought i'd share with you some of their colours.

French White- In my search for a decent white gel polish French white has been the best so far. It does take 3 thin coats to get it opaque but it is a bright clean white and is by far the best so far. I will note tho this is the new 30 second formula. I did have the older 1 min formula and that white was no where near as good as the new reformulated version. The old one took up to 5 coats and separated, but the new version is well worth the money. Can I also add their customer service is amazing. I messaged Gelicious about my crappy bottle of french white and even tho it had been a year since I had purchased it from them, they still were happy to replace it. I am a HUGE advocate of Gelicious, and this is one of the reasons. GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! Im always happy to give a company my cash if I get this from them.
Ok so the following swatches are no base coat 3 cured layers of French White and a top coat of Gelicious Top coat.

 What I love about this gel is it becomes a great base for other nail art. like the mani below.I used the Gelicious french white as a base so I could do a UV mani with some other UV reactive polish.

Bikini wax- So this polish.......I have used it like 3 manis since I received it last month and I just love this colour! its bright and in your face,just as a bright orange polish should be! And to top it off...... It is a one coater!!!  You have to love that!!!! I cannot say enough good things about this polish. as with all Gelicious gel polish the formula is a little thick but very easy to apply. I love it!!!!



Lights out- Is a black gel polish filled to the brim with coloured glass looking flakies that just shine and sparkle so bright in the sun! The formula again is great and you only need 2 cured coats to get perfection! I love that the polish is black but different in its own right. just check out the pics!


Currently Gelicious has a great mothers day offer on. If you buy any starter kit you will get a bonus mini kit for free! so that is over $100 of lamp and gels for Free!!! So why not treat your mum and yourself while you are at it!

They are always having great offers  all the time and regular deals like buy 3 get one free on their gel collection. Prices for the gel start from $29.00 and are well worth the money.

You can check out all their offers HERE and make sure you like them on Facebook  too to be first with all the offers.

Until next time....... 
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*bikini wax and lights out was provided for review. please check my disclosure policy for more information.

Monday, April 28, 2014

AN Monday- subtle or work appropriate manicure.

Hi there everyone! today is subtle or work appropriate manicure. to be honest I don't really do subtle, and I do not really have many pale coloured polishes. I decided to pull out a very pretty polish that was given to me last week by the awesome Courtney! It is Lynnderella Mostly Ghostly. I have wanted this little gem for a while now and was so excited to receive it.
I have layered one dabbed on coat over Sayuri loves lustre which is a new polish available next week.

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Until next time.......
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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Fuse Gelnamel polish - V-amp, Watt's your colour? and Elec-tric or treat swatches.

Hi there everyone! today I have 3 more Fuse Gelnamel gel polishes to share.
Let's check out the colours........

From left to right we have- V-amp, Watt's your colour? and Elec-tric or treat. All 3 of these colours are cremes and I used three cured coats with the Fuse lamp.

V-amp- This is a really deep burgundy/red. As the name suggests it is a vampy colour! The first coat was a little streaky to put on but the gel seemed to even out over the following 2 coats. For a gel creme that does not require any base or top coat I was very happy with this colour. It was exactly the same as the bottle colour, which is what you want from a gel.



 Watt's your colour?- Your classic red creme. Every Collection of polish should have a classic red and this did not disappoint. The gel went on smoothly and I could have gotten away with 2 coats but I wanted to make sure there was no VNL so I did three coats.



  Elec-tric or treat- I was pleasantly surprised with this colour. As you can see in the swatch shots the gel colour is slightly lighter than the bottle colour.I was quite happy with this. I am loving orangy colours ATM and when I popped this on the colour was really pretty. The application was a little streaky for the first coat but then the second and third coat evened this out.



These 3 colours are well worth a look and if you are thinking to purchasing any Fuse Gelnamel colours. All 3 were quite easy in their application and the colours are what I would call classic colours so you can wear them for most occasions.

You can purchase Fuse Gelnamel polish and starter kits in places like Big W and Priceline and also online HERE at Fuse direct. Also at the time of this post they have a 1/2 price sale going on for starter kits which bring the price down to $24.99 so well worth looking in too. I now have my Fuse lamp in my nail tool box as it is a perfect size to take out with me.

Also here is another great little tip for you all. A lot of people like me find the Fuse lids a bit bulky to use when you are painting your nails. Especially if you are using your "other"hand. 
Did you know the square lid is removable???!!!
This way you can remove it to show a smaller circle lid which is a lot easier to control and use when applying your gel polish.

How great is that!!!!! Just pull when the lid is still screwed into the bottle and it will come off. pop back on with a simple push when you have screwed the lid back on.

Until next time.......
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* all polish was provided for review. please check my disclosure policy for more information.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

GOT Thursday- tropical

Hi there everyone! todays mani theme is something tropical. I was really stumped with this one, most of my polishes that are old are not really bright and tropical,so after hunting round I found an old ulta3 orange called atomic oj which is fairly old and it screamed bright tropical. but what to go with it. honestly it is school holidays atm so trying to get time to do any type of nail art is super hard with barnicles grabbing me every 5 mins. so I went with a bright lynnderella called eleven ladies dancing and topped it with that. I know not the most imaginative mani but I promise next week will be better!!

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Until next time.......
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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tri polish Tuesday- 22nd April

Hi there everyone! Today is another Tri polish Tuesday. And this week we have a couple of Fuse gels, sonic blue-m and na no way with a topper of Lynnderella golden rules!
I loved how this turned out on the nail. I was not 100% at first but the combo seemed to work!

What do you think? ya? or Na?..........

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Until next time.........
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Monday, April 21, 2014

AN Monday- Tape manicure

Hi there everyone! Today's theme for Aussie Nails Monday is Tape mani. Now I personally did not want to use striping tape for this mani. When striping tape and I get together I usually end up in a metallic tangled mess. So I opted for some washi tape and fancy cut scissors.

Using washi tape is simple. you can pick washi up from most craft shops or even $2 shops. It is like a low tac tape that is made from paper, so easy to cut and inexpensive.
I used my zigzag scissors and cut a bunch of strips to use before painting my nails. I also used Gel polish for my base so I knew I would not smudge or affect the base coat of my mani.
I used Gelicious bikini wax and Kiko sugar mat 646 to create this mani. 1 cured coat of bikini wax, gelicious top coat and then 1 coat of kiko 646 for the taped parts.

in sun

in shade
I like how there is texture with the Kiko but still super shiny from the gel underneath.

You can pick up Gelicious gel polish HERE. Kiko is harder to get as it is an European brand but make sure you check out blog sales or maybe find someone to mule it from Spain.

Until next time.....
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Friday, April 18, 2014

Sally Hansen Salon Gel polish- Kook a mango, White away and Red my lips

Hi there everyone! Today I have 3 more swatches of the Sally Hansen Salon Gel polish collection. Sally Hansen gel polishes are available exclusively at Priceline at the moment here in Australia. You can check out other swatches of their colour range and a tutorial on how to use their starter kit Here . 

Lets get started.

Red my lips- This is the classic red gel polish colour. You cannot really go past a classic red can you. The formula was great and I got opacity in 2 coats. For my swatches I used the Sally Hansen base and top coats, and this was cured for 30 seconds each coat, as per instructions.



White Away- I was a little excited at the chance to try a white gel. So far most of the white gels I own are not very opaque unless you use a min of 4-5 coats. Unfortunately this white was no exception. I layered 5 coats for these manicures and the gel was still not 100% opaque. I could have gone 6 but the gel was getting quite thick on my nails. The colour is also not a true white. It is more of a off white, and I think this is its only saving grace. Most of the gel white I own are bright white, and because this is more of a dirty white I like the idea that I can use it for undies with nail art and will not burn your retinas. I tried it with a couple of pastels for some nail art 2 weeks ago (HERE) and it worked quite well. If you are looking for a true white gel in 2 coats...keep looking, and then tell me ok! 



Kook a mango- This is an orange/gel polish. I really loved the colour with this one. I have been a sucker for orange polish lately,so getting this gel was awesome! The formula was great and I only needed 2 coats for full opacity.The orange does lean toward the reds rather than the yellow side of the hue but even so it is a great colour! If you were going to buy one of the Sally Hansen salon gel polishes I think I would recommend this colour. I love it!!!!


You can get these colours at PRICELINE. They retail for $19.95 and if you do not want to buy online most priceline's have these in store.

Until next time........
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*all polish was provided for review.please check my disclosure policy for more information.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

GOT Thursday- hot pink polish!

Hi there everyone! Todays golden oldie is a very pretty polish from Celestial Cosmetics
Pink Posy was one of the first polishes that Celestial Cosmetics came out with. It is a bright hot pink holographic polish. I chose not to do any nail art on this pretty as the holo just speaks for itself. I usually use 3 coats of this beauty by itself but today I swatched 1 coat over Fuse Gelnamel Na No way! then popped a top coat of Vivigel top coat.
I like how putting a regular polish over a gel makes my manis last for so much longer!

So very pretty!!!!! 
you can pick up Celestial cosmetics HERE and this month is their birthday month so make sure you check out their Facebook Page for lots of promos and discount vouchers.
You can get the new Fuse gelnamels from Priceline or direct from the Fuse Gelnamel Website

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Until next time.........
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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mothers Day treats part 1 - Billie Goat Soap

Hi there everyone!
Mothers day is coming up soon...yep I KNOW! the time is just flying by..... Over the next few weeks I will be sharing with you all some great ideas for Mothers day. I am a mum of 2 girls, and I love some of the great things my two get me for Mothers day. We don't spend a lot but there is some great value for money gifts out there that every mum will love!!

Today I have a duo of goodies. First up is Billie Goat Soap. Winter is coming and I don't know about you but my skin needs all the moisture it can get and I found this soap was very moisturizing. Not to mention it smells really nice. I tried the soap out in the shower and I found the soap to be a lot less drying than my regular body wash and when I got dried my skin did not feel as tight as it does in winter when I use normal soap. So all in all a pretty sweet product!

The second product that really goes hand in hand with the soap is The Billie Goat milk- nature's skin drink. This is a 120gm tub of apricot smelling goodness!
I opened the container and OMG the smell! Sooooooo good. The milk drink is a powder you pop into your bath. it includes Epsom salts, powdered goats milk, cocoa butter, which you can well imagine is softening for your skin. I used my hubby for my first guinea pig. I popped 1/4 of the tub in his bath before he got in. My hubby was actually impressed! he said that his skin felt soft from being in the bath and he smelled nice. I then gave the bath milk a go when I had my next bath and I totally agree, my skin felt really soft and not at all dry after the bath. I will be using this product again for sure! Especially now winter is here and I do suffer from dry skin sometimes.

You can purchase both these products in a variety of places including many chemist chains around the country. for you local stockist with free number 1800 181040.
The Billie Goat Soap retails for $8.95 while the bath milk retails for $16.95 
I think both together in a little parcel would look great for any Mum for Mothers day.

Until next time......
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*products in this post was provided to me for review. Please check my disclosure policy for more information.