Sunday, September 29, 2013

Science fiction- double feature collection part 2

Hey there everyone!!! now it is time for part 2 of the Science Fiction Double Feature collection show and tell!!!!

first up is Strongman

As you can see with the above pics this polish can be layered with another colour or by itself :) 
Strongman was inspired by Dr frankenfurters creation "Rocky" a  well build man for him to play with!
I captured his bright gold hot pants and boots which is what you notice the most about "Rocky"
I'm gutted cause for  the life of me i could not find a clip to share with you :( 

The next polish is inspired by another great character in the flick called Eddie. 
This polish is called 274306


274306 is actually the  number on eddies mugshot in the movie. so a little obscure but not for the true fans! i know of at least 1 person who got it straight away.....yes you know its you cassandra!!!!

Poor Eddies his part was not long lived in the movie and Columbia was devastated when he was killed but the fact that Meatloaf played the part of Eddie and sang! it was some great watching!!!
274306 is a bright blue holographic polish with a red shift. so in some light you can see the red shifting through the blue. It is super hard to capture on camera but you can just see it in this pic above.

So the second last polish in the set is called Even smiling makes my face ache

This is one of my favorite lines Dr Frankenfurter says in the movie. it is toward the end of the movie and you can just see everything is going tits up! Frankenfurter is wearing this fabulous corset and the colour is a sparkly mish mash of blue,green,pink,purple and black with a bit of silver. and this is what i tried to replicate in this polish. so with all those colours of glass flakes in a black jelly i think i may have just pulled it off.

You just HAVE to love Tim Curry in this movie!! He just pulls it off!!!!

So the last polish is from one of the last scenes and basically you find out that they are all from out of space and are going to go home. Riff Raff and Magenta are the ones in charge and have been told pretty much to zip Frankenfurter and Riff Raff says......Say Hello to Oblivion

I tried to capture their outrageous outfits in this polish so it is a black jelly and gold glass flakes. it has a slight copper tone to it as well.

Well this is it! I hope you love these polishes!!! you can find the first 4  HERE to check out if you missed the first part 1.

All 8 polishes go on sale 1st October 2013 at 9am EST but can be pre ordered here at LOKIS LACQUER

There will be reviews and more swatches for you to feast your eyes over at MORE NAIL POLISH and THE RELUCTANT FEMME over the next few weeks as well.

Now to leave you with a mash up of the movie and some of the great scenes .........

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My very first AN monday post- Inspired by!

Hey there Everyone...ok so it is tuesday...i know but i was heaps busy yesterday what with the pre order of my Lokis lacquer polishes collection etc and totally did not get my nails finished!!!

Anyways the theme this week for Aussie Nails Monday was Inspired by a..blogger....IG etc person. So i decided to pick Tammy who is behind IG account @ohmygoshpolish she also has a FB page as well called Oh my gosh! polish  her work is amazing and she is really known for all the awesome UV nail swatches and nail art. 
Now im not the best at that kind of thing but i thought i would give it a go!

As i did not even have any UV polish i made myself up some little testers of UV pigment and painted my nails over white undies. Then with several stamping plates including cheeky plate wild at heart and princess charming i stamped all the images you see on my nails!

in the sun.

under blacklight

So i hope you like all the different nails the other AN ladies have done you can check them out over a IG with #anmonday

Monday, September 23, 2013

Lokis Lacquer Science Fiction Double Feature polish collection Release Part 1

Hey there everyone!
Ok so this halloween i decided to do a movie inspired collection than just a trio of polishes randomly named like last year. And what better collection to take inspiration from than The Rocky Horror Picture Show!

I freaking LOVE this movie!!! i have seen it many a time at the movies, own it of course on DVD and have been to see it live in Australia and the UK I even use to have a Magenta costume that i wore out!

So as i decided to do a collection i picked some of my favourite quotes and songs from the show and put together the Science Fiction Double Feature Collection.

First up is the title song Science Fiction Double Feature.

This was inspired by the beautiful lips that sung the beginning credits of the flick. It is a black sheer jelly, filled with red, holo red,white and black dot glitter in several sizes. there is also a sprinkling of fine holo red hex glitter too to give it a bit of character. 
Below is the opening credits if you are not familiar with the song.

The second polish in the collection is called Dammit Janet 

This polish i created to represent really janet in the movie. Pastel pink crelly with satin white and matte lilac glitter along with a fine iridescent violet glitter giving it some shimmer.
Throughout the flick she looks like this prim and proper lady always in pastel pinks and lilacs with petticoats and lace gloves on. Janet you can tell is just waiting for Brad to ask her hand in marriage and become an ever doting housewife to Brad. and Brad well he loves Janet! and was planning all along to ask her to marry him......but little did they know where they would end up one rainy stormy night.........

So the third polish is most likely the song you know. Time Warp

After getting a flat tyre and looking for somewhere to make a phone call, Brad and Janet stumble upon Dr Frankenfurters mansion. They are greeted by 2 strange house staff Magenta a "maid"and Riff Raff the "handyman"i suppose you could call him. They ask Brad and janet in the house and the next thing you know a song erupts! 

This polish is inspired by the array of many colours the guests at the house are wearing for the party that seems to be going on! lots of black glitter and every colour metallic glitter to create a glitter bomb. and with the movie Rocky horror not is all that it seems. this polish has a red to green shifting base to depending on the light your polish will shift colour!

The 4 polish in this collection is called A sexy accident.

With this polish i tried to capture Frankenfurter in his surgeon gown along with his pink gloves and pearls.
The polish has white dot, red,black and holo pink glitters along with a silver shimmer in a mossy green crelly base.

Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow!!!!!!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Limited Edition polish for my barnicles birthday

Hey there!
 firstly i hope you have all entered the giveaway on my last post!!!
Now this week is all about my 2 girls aka the barnicles birthdays! so with this in mind i asked my 2 girls to pick glitters to put into 2 very special limited edition polishes to sell in the month of september.

Zoe really took it seriously and went through my glitter collection and picked out some beautiful colours while Poppy just grabbed anything she saw that was pink!

After popping the glitters into a base and letting them sit for many weeks the girls got to see their creations today! and they were both happy.
so here are the pretty polishes......

First up is Zoes, called.......Barnicle 1 which is her nickname when im calling her!

It is a beautiful combo of blue and silver dots, purple glitters and a ultra fine violet glitter dust. all in a black jelly. For anyone who knows Zoe this is really "her"she loves these colours! and i think she did a great job in picking the polish colours!

Now for Poppys polish- we have named is .....Barnicle 2 ...of course!!!!

This is just Poppy! she is the polar opposite to Zoe! where Zoe is a bit of a fangirl and tom boy, Poppy is the girliest girl! she loves her accessories and you will rarely see Poppy without a hat or handbag!

It was quite funny watching Pops picking her colours, i opened the glitters boxes which have all my sample glitters in them and all she said was "OHHHH!!! PRETTY MUMMY!!!" and then proceeded to pull out nearly every neon pink glitter i owned!
Barnicle 2 is a complex glitter topper of neon pink glitters in all shapes and sizes with a fine micro holo dust through it and also a bunch of holo fuchsia glitters and fuchsia dots and white squares. there is also a pink glass flake as well in the base.
Considering Poppy just yanked glitters out of the box i reckon it turned out pretty well!

Both these polishes will be on sale from tomorrow 9th september 2013 at 9am till 30th september 2013.
they will be $9.50 each or $16.95 for the twinset.

you can find them at LOKIS LACQUER or you can also contact me on LOKIS LACQUER FACEBOOK PAGE If you live outside of australia.

Until next time......

Sunday, September 8, 2013

It's birthday time for the GIVEAWAY TIME!!!!!

Hey there everyone! how are you all?
this week coming is a huge week in the lokis lacquer household! both my girls, Zoe and Poppy aka Barnicle 1 and Barnicle 2 have their birthdays!!!

Zoe is turning 12 and the pops is turning 3!

And what better way to celebrate both their birthday than with a giveaway!!!! right!! right!!!!

so we have a bunch of goodies to give away!

All this could be yours if you enter the rafflecopter below!

so what  are the polishes you might ask?? well they are 3 x one of a kind polishes i created for this giveaway and you know the best thing??? if you win you can name them!!!!!
Here is a close up pic of them....

and ontop of these pretty polishes, i have made a cute silver plated pendant for the giveaway. you can see the pic above but on top of it being a beautiful lilac glitter colour, i used ruby wings festival as the glitter so when you go outside with the pendant is changes colour!!!

So fill in the form below share where you can and fingers crossed!!! this giveaway is open to everyone, australian and international!!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

until next time

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

OPI peace and love and OPI swatch and review and comparison with Essie for the Twill of it.

Hey there everyone!

I wanted to show you this polish ever since i got it from color 4 nails a few weeks ago.

OPI peace and love and OPI from the san francisco collection.

pic taken in the sun.

When i first saw this polish i was super excited! i mean i am a total duochrome whore! and anything thats is shiny and changes colour in light i just have to buy!!!

But at the same time as this wonderful polish came out, Essie brought a Duochrome out as well! In their Fall 2013 collection they had a polish called- for the twill of it. now as i said before....duo whore! so i ordered this as well!
Now here is the amazing thing...for 2 companies to bring out new collections at the same time and have similar colours?? i can totally understand this...... but to bring out a collection at the same time and have the EXACT same polish??!!! fluke??? i dont know???   but here is a bottle shot of the 2 polishes together.

in the shade.
Pretty similar huh??
So i did some swatches before deciding on which polish to share with you. and between the 2 polishes i prefer the OPI formula, brush and general way this polish goes on.
I found that the essies brushes are quite thin and the formula with the essies was thin as well. it took 3 coats to do the swatches compared to 2 coats with the OPI.

Here are some swatches side by side.

In the sun.

In the shade.

As you can see about these are pretty much exact dupes of each other! Personally if you want to buy one id go for the OPI even if it is more expensive where you live. the formula is heaps better than the essie.

Now for proper swatches! i decided on the OPI to swatch on my nails so here are some pics for you :)

In the shade

in the sun

in the sun
These were all 2 coats of OPI peace and love and OPI over my black gel nails. you could build up and have no undies but i wanted the duo to pop and it does so much more with a black base coat.

So what do you think??? which would you buy??
You can pick up both the OPI and Essie at color for nails or if they are not listed on Sisi's website contact her via her facebook page and PM what you are after.The owner Sisi has very competitive rates for polish and a great deal with shipping as well. and she ships WORLDWIDE!!!!! so us aussies don't miss out!!!!!

Stay tuned as this month i will be sharing with you all a bunch more dupe and similar polishes that are out there and which ones i think are the best to buy!!!

Colour change polish from born pretty store. Review.

Hey there everyone...i've been a little AWOL lately so sorry for that ! with all my family's birthdays coming up in the 2nd week of september....YES! all 3 birthdays within a week and then fathers day thrown in, i have been pretty slack on the blogging front.

But today i have an intriguing product to share with you.

I was sent for review a Mood colour changing polish. now color change polish is the "in thing"ATM and with everything 80's seeming to be the trendy thing, i thought id jump on the band wagon and give this a go.

I'll be honest, when i got the polish, the first thing i did, which i always do was to pop it onto a swatch wheel. I opened the polish and it was all gloopy :( BLAGH! but after a good shake it seemed to mix together.
I swatched it on the wheel and after 30 mins the polish still had not dried. the first thing i thought was i got a dud bottle of polish. but i left the polish for a few days and then decided to go back to it and swatch on my nails.
The polish again had gone gloopy in the bottle so i shaked ti again and it all mixed in. you can actually see in the bottle shot above how the 2 colours are mixed together.
I swatched over my base coat of duri, and once the first coat had gone on, it took approx 10 mins to fully dry, which again i thought was a little odd. but i did the 2nd coat and then after another 10 mins i put on a top coat of seche vite.

Here is the polish on my nails and when the polish is hot..or body temp.

It is the most beautiful blue colour!!!! so at this point i was forgiving the horrible formula.

and here it is cold. *please note that the polish gets a lot more purple,but even after putting my hands in cold water,the weather was warm so the polish changed back pretty quick! 

So i was totally loving the colour change, i kept on sticking my hands over the air conditioning in the car so it would keep changing!!! 

but what of the formula??? 

Well i contacted Born Pretty Store prior to posting this review as i did not want to write a negative review before learning what the issue was with this polish, and as i said before the colour is "to die for"so i needed to get all the facts.

Anyways, it turns out that this polish is a water based polish!!!! YES!!!! who would have known?? no where on the product listing or on the box did i see it written that these polishes were water based!
Im actually excited over this discovery because as a parent of 2 girls who want their nails a different colour EVERY day, i can let them use this product knowing that i will not have to keep using nail polish remover on their delicate skin! The polish will just wash off in water!
Saying that, if you are like me and LOVE the colour of this polish, you just have to be a little more forgiving to this polish and wait the time it takes to dry and make sure you put a good top coat on. by doing this you will seal the polish and it won't wash off. and make sure you do your tips, as i did not and the polish started to wear after my first hand wash.

So all in all and now i know that the polish is water based i am more than happy with it! my girls can paint their nails as much as they like, and i can just make sure i use a top coat!

But after all this your thinking.... "way too much effort" you could always give one of their other colour change polishes a go as BPS sell colour change gel polish which is a gel UV based product.

so verdict out of 10?? id say a 5. i LOVE the colour ,not the formula, but like i said before the colour of this polish it TOTALLY worth the not-so-great formula. I will wear this again, and my kids will too!

If you are looking to buy this product, you can find it here and do not forget that it is free world wide shipping and if you use the code CATG10 you will get 10% off you entire order!!!!

until next time...