Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Spongebob nail decals from Born Pretty store Review

Hey there everyone!!!!
today i have a neat little product to share with you all.
Now if you are like me and are not the "best"at nail art, then this is for you!!!

Sponge bob square pants nail decals!!!! i saw these and i just had to have them for review!!! mainly cause they are Spongebob and if you know me at all i call my 2 girls when they are in trouble or up to no good "Barnicles!" so you may be do they work??? Well here is a little tutorial for you to learn how.

Ok so you will need for these particular decals - a small glass of water, some scissors, polish and a few bits of paper towel .

First things first. paint your nails to the desired colour. i then pop a quick dry top coat over my colour "just in case"i have a mishap with the decal so i can remove it easy and not ruin the polish below.

Ok so now how to use the decals; pop the decals out of the packet. you will see a clear film over them. make sure you remove this.

Next cut out the decal you would like to use on your nail. make sure you cut fairly close to the image so you do not have excess decal on your nail.

Once you have cut the decal out, place it into a glass of  lukewarm water for about 20 seconds. THen remove the decal from the water.

Now this is the tricky bit. Place the decal on your nail and gently move back and forward to release the paper from the decal. now for some reason these decals i had were upside down! yep so the back of the pic was on my nail when i lifted up the paper. but this was easy fixed by me lifting up the decal and flipping it over on to the correct side.

Once you have the decal where you want it. pat it dry and then let it sit for a few mins until totally dry and the decal does not move any more.

Then pop on a top coat and your mani is done!!!

I decided to pop spongebob on every nail!

In the pack there was spongebob faces in 3 different sizes so they fitted on every nail with ease.
Apart from the image going the wrong way these decals were simple to use and lots of fun. My daughter Zoe thought my nails were amazing when she saw them and even thought i had painted it at first!!!

You can pick them up  HERE and if you use this code CATG10 you will get a further 10% off anything at the Born Pretty Store  PLUS there is free worldwide shipping as well!!!!!
 Until next time....