Saturday, May 31, 2014

Glitter Gal polish review.

Hi there everyone! today i have some stunning holographic polishes and a neutral creme shade to share.

Glitter Gal is an australian brand and I think were one of the first holographic polish aussie indie around. They have been known for their amazing array of holographic colours and honestly are a pretty amazing brand as far as capturing that elusive flame in a holographic polish.

Nuddy Nude- Ok, so nude colours are not really my thing. I have a go to OPI nude colour and thats pretty much it. But.......After getting my polished pinkies on this polish Nuddy Nude will not and forever be my Go To neutral shade. The colours is great and the polish only took 2 coats to be opaque and dried very quick. I had no streaking at all and it was even great to stamp with.


stamped on with china glaze little drummer boy.

Lizard Belly- OMG...... thats all I can say........OMG....... this polish was on my wish list forever! and I finally managed to purchase it. Boy oh Boy it did not disappoint! The colour is a deep tealy green colour but almost a british racing green. The flame in this holographic polish is amazing. I used 3 coats to swatch but honestly I could have gotten away with 2.





stamped with Glitter Gal Nuddy Nude

 Love Bite- Is a bright red holographic polish. The colour is an orange red and the flame is super strong for a red holographic polish. I used 3 coats to swatch. I also did a little nail art with some of the new Dead Set Decals that are now available via Dead set babes.



dappled light


with Dead Set Decals

Belgian Chocolate- Is a rich brown holographic polish. I only know of 2 other brown holographic polishes and this is one of the best. the polish has a slight red hue to it so it can look almost terracotta in some lights but i managed to capture its true colour in these pics. I used 2 coats for the swatches.




 Transfusion- This was the other mind blowing polish from the ones I purchased. I am a sucker for this colour. I truly am. I have the original Lilypad Lacquer True Blood, Celestial Cosmetics Callisto and now this pretty. All are very similar but I must say I think this has the biggest flame out of the 3 for sure! I used only 2 coats to get opacity and I wore this for several days as I just did not want to take it off. And for me 3 days is forever, as I usually change me polish every day.






I also had the holographic top coat that glitter Gal sell so I tried it over Transfusion. The top coat really dulled the holographic flame of the polish but on the up side the polish became darker and the holo flecks in the top coat gave it a totally different look.




I was super happy with every polish I purchased and received from Glitter Gal. The quality and formula was amazing and delivery quick.
You can purchase Glitter Gal from their website HERE prices start from $9.95 for 10 mls. Make sure you also like their FACEBOOK PAGE for new polishes and competitions.

The Decals that I used with Love bite can be purchased at DEAD SET BABES prices start from $1.95 and they ship worldwide. As far as I am aware they are the cheapest place around to purchase Decals as they offer a large variety and have a flat rate postage no matter how many you purchase.

Until next time.....

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* Glitter Gal love bite and Nuddy Nude was provided to me for review. All the other Glitter Gal polishes were purchased by myself. For more information please read my disclosure policy.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Sally Hansen Triple shine collection -Part 3 and giveaway!

Hi there everyone! today i have the final polishes from the Sally Hansen Triple shine collection. The Glitters! All the glitters today have been swatched over other colours from the Triple shine collection so you can see what they will look like over other polishes. Also please note that all of the glitters were only one coat over the base colour. They were all brushed not dabbed on so you could see the basic coverage. A top coat of seche vite was also use.

Ok so lets get started!!!

Golden Oldie Thursday- lilac

Hi there everyone! today's theme is lilac, so out came my old colour club holos plus a OPI DS original. and I decided to do skittles!!!!

 Not the best skittles but still its lilac!

Make sure you check out everyone elses manis for this week!!!!
Until next time........

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Aussie Nails Monday- Disney Theme

Hi there everyone!
Today is Aussie Nails Monday, and the theme is Disney. My daughter Zoe was excited about this theme and wanted me to do the movie Frozen. Personally I have not seen it,but both my girls watch it over and over and over......... you get the I know most of the songs! 
I was going to do the snowman Olaf, but a few other girls in Aussie Nails monday were doing him so I decided to do Elsa. She is the blonde one in the movie thats sings Let it Go.....see you can see I have no clue about the movie!! ill have to watch it at some point I'm sure!!!

So I hunted for some inspiration and found a pic I liked.

Then took my inspiration from that.
I used Picture Polish for the mani apart from one OPI called desperately seeking sequins, from the new Spotlight on Glitter Collection.

After messing about with a LOT of sponges and making my gradient, then stamping snowflakes using QA58 plate from the born Pretty store, I finally finished my mani. Then an added bonus was cause I used Picture Polish Instinct it now was UV reactive!!!!

Im super happy how it turned out! and even tho I wanted to do monster inc on my nails Zoe loves these so a winner all round!!!

You can pick up the Picture polishes I used HERE and the OPI polish from MYER. the stamping plate is from Born Pretty Store and make sure you use the code CATG10 for 10% off your order :)

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Sally Hansen Triple shine swatches- part 2

Hi there everyone!
Today is part 2 of the Sally Hansen Triple shine collection. We will be looking at the shimmers.
These were the biggest surprise in the collection.The variety of colours was awesome and several had a few hidden secrets which I will share with you.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Swatches- part 1

Hi there everyone! The next few days we have some big posts for you here at loki's lacquer! 
Sally Hansen has launched their Triple Shine Collection here in australia and what a collection of colours!!!!! Before we start with the swatches, I'd like to tell you a few things I found awesome about this collection. First up......... The lids. They come off to reveal a smaller more manageable cap and brush, so if you are looking at them thinking "what an awkward brush to hold...." think again!! Also, the brush. It is by far the widest brush I have seen on a bottle of polish. and I love it! pretty much only one stroke on my pinky for full coverage. love it!!! The other thing is the Triple Shine Formula. Most of the cremes were 2 coaters and even without a top coat they were super shiny. Tho I always recommend a top coat with any polish. 
I will have my top picks at the end of the 3 posts and a cheeky give-away of them too. So make sure you subscribe to Loki's Lacquer and not miss out!!!

Today we are going to look at the Cremes.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Gelicious princess kate and tamarama slammer swatches

Hi there everyone! Today on gel polish Friday I have 2 Gelicious polishes to share. Gelicious is one of the best brands I have used. The wear is great and they have an awesome range of colours. Both colours today were applied with no base coat 2 coats of cured colour and 1 cured coat of top coat.

Princess Kate-  Is a orange gel that has a sparkly gold shimmer. The formula was slightly thick but did not affected the application at all. I really love the colour and in the sun it shines so much!!!!



Tamarama Slammer- Is a deep purple/grape colour. In the shade it was almost black.In the sun you can see a beautiful purple wine coloured sparkle. The formula was great and went on easy. I really loved the shimmer. A great surprise!


Both these gels are available at Gelicious and currently are $29 each plus if you purchase 4 bottles you get the forth one free, plus free shipping.

Until next time............

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Golden Oldie Thursdays- bling

Hi there everyone! Today is Golden Oldie Thursday and the theme is bling! I wanted to use something i have had a little while so i decided what better way to use bling without actual gems than with a silver holographic polish. So i created this mani using Dance Legend T-1000 which i have never used and Dance Legend amethyst. Even tho I did not use any gems it still is blingy!!!!

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Until next time.........
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