Friday, March 30, 2012

Pretty and Polished Jawbreaker swatch

I had some happy mail yesterday! i got my order from pretty and polished. I had ordered 7 of their mini polishes.
very valentino
chelsea chelsea bling bling
labor of love
hello dolly

I like the size of their minis as lets be honest we never really finish a full size bottle do we?!
they came really well packed and arrived in under 3 weeks. The only thing i was a little dissapointed with was the shipping cost. I paid $13.50 for shipping and the post mark on the parcel was only for $7.48. But to be honest the fact that i managed to get them from the US nulled the shipping cost.
Ok ,now to the polish.
Jawbreaker. I was not a big fan of this polish when i saw it but Zoe wanted it, so i brought it! i still was not convinced when i got it in the parcel as i am not a big fan of pale polishes.
Then i put it on.........
Wow! i love it! i did 3 coats with a sally hansen base coat and china glaze fast forward on top. and boy was i happy!!!!

excuse my cuticles i am still working on them my hands are soooo dry at the moment.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

the nail polish guru and a giveaway

here is a quicky for you all, over at the nail polish guru seh has a giveaway going on. just clock on the link to check it out!!!!!

giraffe nails

MY monster bundle from amazon of stamping plates arrived today and i just had to have a go! one of the coolest stamping plates has giraffe print on it so i grabbed a bottle of chocolate cake by ultra3 and Honolulu from ultra 3 and gave myself a giraffe mani!
I am not the best photographer on nails so bear with me!!!


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My mini haul at priceline

One again i went to priceline and spent a fortune on polish. I wish they did not have their specials on!
I got 2 orly polishes...they have them on special for $4.99 at the moment! and then priceline had sally Hansen 3 for 2! but a NOTE!!!! when you are paying for them put all the cheapest polishes together pay for them then pay for the more expensive separately!!!! I had 3 xtreme polishes for $6.95 and then one for $13.95, one for $9.95 and one for $12.95. i got the sales gal to ring the more expensive ones up last so i got the more expensive one free but the till just took the 2 cheaper ones off the total bill!!! WTF! so buy paying for them in sets of 3 i got $6.96 off one lot of 3 and then $9.95 off the second lot of 3. i know it was only a few dollars but every penny counts!!!!

I will do swatches when i get a chance!

next up is another franken i did.
I grabbed a bottle of emerald city sally Hansen  xtreme polish and put 3 little scoops of spectraflair into it. and made me a great green holo!!! I don't want to spend a small fortune on holo polishes so adding it to $6.95 polish is a much better option!!!

I just cannot get enough of that spectraflair!!!!


Friday, March 23, 2012

My first franken polish

I love the great array of franken polishes out there that you can buy, though i seem to always miss out with buying them! my favorite is dollish polish but every time they open they sell out in like several mins and i am usually asleep when they open due to time zones etc.
so i thought i would have a go with making my own.
i have called this polish merely mink.
 it does not look that great in the bottle but it looks heaps better on the nail.
it is almost a duo chrome from brown to green.

The weather outside was crap so i had to take the pics with the lamp so you cannot see it at its best. but you get the idea!

to make this franken i used a sally hansen top coat clear and added 4 scoops(the little straw ones) of Pearl - ex in mink. it has been sitting for several days now and has not settled so i am well happy!
the pearl ex pigments are really cheap and they do several 2 tone colours.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I love spectraflair!

Ok so i brought some spectraflair from cathy at  more nail polish and put just a littttle bit into a mini bottle of opi clear rapid dry top coat. a couple of ball bearings and made my own holo top coat! boy oh boy you should see it! it looks great on its own but i put it over sally hansen diamond strength black diamond and it looks just like lizard belly from glitter gal!
 man am i happy!!!!
 the photos do not do it justice!


Monday, March 19, 2012

A pretty pink gradient for rebecca likes nails contest.

I have jsut been over at Rebecca likes nails and she has a contest for nail art. so i thought i would have a go. I have never done a gradient before so i took some tips from several blogs and cut up the kitchen sink sponge and started dabbing!!!
I used Sally hansen  xtreme hot magenta for the base, then sponged on several opi colours. a pink that some one gave me so who knows what is is called. a mini opi white i got in the spookette collection then mixed them together to get a lighter pink(as my collection of polish is not that big yet) then i added opi lilly i love you and sally hansen xtreme strobe light.

not too shabby for my first attempt!!!


Crazy hair day was more of a crazy nail day.....

So last Friday was crazy hair day at Zoe's school. on top of this it was Mufti day also. For anyone who does not know what mufti day is, it is when the kids get to do to school out of school uniform.
Anyway on Friday Zoe got ready for school and at 830am started going nuts screaming and hyperventilating. For you guys out there in blog world Zoe has ASD and an anxiety disorder so little things that do not bother most of us really can set her off.
So i calmed her down and asked her what the problem was. she reminded me it was mufti day and crazy hair day. so i helped her get ready in a new outfit and crimped her hair and popped it up in pigtails. what do you want from me in 30 mins!!! then 10 to 9am she says...'what about my nails?' Are you kidding me?????? so i could not let her down. i painted her nails with sally hansen hot magenta,China glaze black mesh and melia silver holo.
 It did not look half bad. and thank god for china glaze fast forward! dry in just a few mins!

I still had time to take a pic!
So the crazy hair day was more about the nails than the hair but as long as Zoe was happy, i was happy!


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spongebob nails!

Ok i promised spongebob nails and what my barnicle asks for she will receive! so after searching the net for ideas and inspiration i found This great nail polish blog which had sponge bob nails that Zoe liked so off i went and painted her nails! no where near as good as polish addiction blog but i tried and Zoe is well happy with the results!

I used sally hansen HD nail polish yellw one. and tim holtz paints. then opi top coat.


Pokemon nails

Zoe LOVES Pokemon so i sat her down and painted her nails. she was so excited! and then everyone at school thought they were great too.
I used sally hansen HD yellow, Opi black,Opi white( both from the spookette mini set) Revlon red(it is old so i do not know the name) my dotting tool and paintbrush.
how cool do they look!!!!

I think i am off to try out spongebob for later!!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

nails,nails,nails.....a bit of an addiction!

As most of you know i am a bit of a creative type of person. and recently i have got in to painting my nails....well to be honest it is becoming an addiction!
Most nights i sit and paint my nails....and Zoes if she wants them done. After many a mani done i thought i would start to blog the different nails i do and some of the nail polishes i buy etc.
so here goes........................