Monday, May 20, 2013

Picture Polish Paradise- swatch and review

Today have a really pretty polish to share with you all that was given to me as a thank you for sending a friend a bunch of picture polishes to her overseas !
I was really excited when i received this polish as i had been eyeing it off for a while but never managed to purchase it yet!

This polish just had a really lovely shine i the bottle and the purple/pinky glitters just are perfect with the polish!

First off, excuse my nubbins, my beautiful square nails were destroyed by gardening the other week so i had to file them all down :( but they will grow back!!!

I used Nubar base coat for this swatch then 3 coats of paradise. then a top coat of seche vite.
I think when i would wear it again i would put some undies on as i found that 3 coats did not quite cover my nail line. i think apart from that this polish is a keeper! i will not be swapping it any time soon!!!
I wore this polish for 2 days before starting to get chips which for me with 2 kids is a great result!
I would be interested to see how this polish looked with the new Picture polish G'day Matte over it. i like the matte effect so i may give it a go when i buy the matte effect polish from picture polish.

Removal was not too bad. i did not need to use the foil method but the glitter did need a little rubbing to get them off.

you can purchase Picture Polish HERE and make sure you check out their everyday deals. and if you are overseas there are links to where you can purchase online overseas too.

Tara :)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It's Daphne's Birthday! Pretty serious cosmetics turns 1 !!!!

Today is a big day for Pretty Serious Cosmetics it is their first birthday and there fore their mascot Daphne has her 1st birthday! and in celebration with her birthday Kaz the wonderful owner of Pretty serious created a pretty polish called Daphne's birthday party.

*Image from pretty serious cosmetics blog*

As part of the celebrations they are having one of them is to paint the social media sites an array of colours using Daphne's birthday party! but sharing your pics of daphne's birthday party on the interweb, you can go into a draw to win all of Pretty serious cosmetics new release polish for a whole year!!!

So i have been swatching away this morning and here are my pretty nails!

first up is daphnes birthday party over gelicious afterglow, a metallic silver colour.  my mani prop??? Loki! my mascot for my polish brand Lokis Lacquer.

my next main is Daphnies birthday party just by itself in the sun! this is such a mega shiny polish and after i popped on my top coat BAM!!! super shiny!!!!!!

Next up is Daphne's birthday party with Gelicious afterglow as undies and essie matte top coat. i actually quite liked it with this over the top, it really showed off the glitter colours in the polish more.

Lastly i decided to do some stamping over Daphne's birthday party. I used bundermonster plate 203 and Ulta3 black satin. which is my go to stamping polish :) i took this pic in the shade so you could see the stamping clearer.

And finally here is a pic of Zoe and Pops with the polish on. I have to confess i had to photoshop this a little and zoes clean up was almost no existent and poppy...well you try to keep a 2 yr old still!!!! so a few tweaks with clone tool to get rid of some of the glitter that seemed to be everywhere and it does not look as bad as it did before!!!!

So Loki and I would love to wish Daphne a very happy birthday and hope she has many more as we love her polishes so very much! (oh and happy birthday to you too Kaz and Ben : p )

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

lokis lacquer- this is serious collection

Hey there everyone today is release day!!!!!!

I have a new release on lokis lacquer. It is time to release the new collcection............

This is serious! a collection of polishes inspired by the great movie Shaun of the Dead!

here are the names!!!!

All the polishes are available now over at LOKIS LACQUER  and if you buy the complete collection and use the code THISISSERIOUS you will get 15% off !!!

so do not miss out. these polishes will be available from 1st May to the 31st June 2013 then then they will be gone for good!!!

Tara :)

would you like to win some lokis lacquer among other polishes????

hello there everyone!!!!
today i have a couple of things to share with you! first up is a fantastic giveaway over at cats-n-nails
Natalia has a uber raffle going on where you can win some lokis lacquers as well as gloss n sparkle, femme fatale and a bunch of other polishes!!!!
so go on over  and check it out and enter!!

next up is a great review i want to share with you all bylilyloveslouise she purchased a bunch of my polish a little while ago and did a great review of them!

the space pilot 3000 collection is getting deleted so they have all been marked down to sell so you can grab a bargain on my etsy shop

tara :)