Saturday, November 30, 2013

Lokis Lacquer Release.

Today im here to share with you some new polishes that have been released on to Lokis Lacquer shop.

I have several polishes to share including the new Galaxy polishes and Xmas 2013 collection. 

First up is the Galaxy collection.
THis is a collection of 4 polishes. I named them after different galaxies and objects in space.

There are 4 in the collection....
Hoag's object a green to gold to blue duochrome

Supernova 1987A- a holo polish which shifts from purple to pink to blue,

M81- a blue to pink purple shift, 

whirlpool galaxy-a gold to pink to a greeny shift

These look amazing over black polish or even any dark colour. The polish had a glass flake in it which causes the duochrome effect.
Here are some more swatches.

photographed under water

photographed with artificial light 

photographed with artificial light

As you can see  the polish looks different with different angles and also when it is submerged in water :)

The next lot of polishes are the 4 christmas polishes im releasing.

First up is Bad Santa. This is a glitter topper of red gold and green with a sprinkling of holo glitter.

swatches over kleancolor metallic red and zoya holly

THe next polish is called Jingle all the way. A silver holo micro glitter topper. this is not only great for xmas but i have used in many times for galaxy nails while i was testing it!

swatched over China Glaze little drummer boy

out of focus shot to see the sparkle :)

The third polish in the collex is called Scrooged. This is a holo gold glitter polish consisting of 2 different sizes of holo gold glitter to create a super sparkly finish and opaque in only 2-3 coats.

3 coats by itself

out of focus shot to capture the sparkle

The last polish is called White Christmas. This is a pale blue crelly with a collection of lavender, pale blue teal and periwinkle glitters along with a little bit of holo glitter and a silver glass flake for shimmer.

2 coats over white polish

All these polishes are available at LOKIS LACQUER . Each polish is $9.50 each and there is a 1 flat rate of shipping within australia. If you are outside of australia and you would like to purchase Lokis Lacquer please feel free to message me through Etsy and i am more than happy to set up a custom listing.  
And as this is a re opening of my shop if you use the code LOKISBACK you will receive 10% off your order. This offer is available till 4th December 2013.

Until next time......

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Aussie Nails Monday Picture polish,Alanna Renee and MCKFresh Nail Attire

Happy AN Monday everyone!
Today the aussie indie theme was black, white, silver, gold or anything metallic. I had a good hunt through my stash  and found a aussie indie in gold, silver and black.
Lets get on with it shall we??

First up is Picture Polish Starry Night. This is a beautiful black jelly with tiny holographic/silver micro "shards"through it. I used a base coat or Orly Bonder then 3 coats of Starry Night and a top coat of SV.

After finishing this i thought... why not use Picture Polish G'day Matte on top!

I really like how it gives a whole different look to the polish!!!

So next up is a silver polish by MCKFresh Nail Attire. Laser Pointers is a really strong silver polish with tiny little micro bars in it that catch the light i certain angles. I used base coat and then 3 coats of the polish and of course a SV top coat.

Last up is Alanna Renee Golden Snitch.
With this polish i used a base coat then 3 coats with a top coat of SV.

All these are great aussie brands. 
so where to find them??  you can pick up Picture Polish from their website and dont forget to check out their everyday deals on polish. Picture Polish ship with in australia and they also have a link to all their e-tailers that ship outside of OZ. 

MCKFresh Nail Attire can be purchased from her etsy shop and please make sure you check out her links for outside australia sellers also.

And lastly Alanna Renee can be purchased from her website and also if you check out her links you can find where you can purchase outside australia.

So until next time.....
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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Femme Fatale Eyeshadow swatch and review.

Hi there Everyone,
Today i have 2 different eyeshadows that i purchased from Femme Fatale Cosmetics
I have never purchased loose eyeshadows before now, but in the ast have received samples in my Femme Fatale polish orders and i like the look of them and colours so i thought why not give them a go! I purchased 2 colours, Seafire and Divinity. Both looked really pretty on the PC and i figured that these 2 colours both Zoe and I could use.

So first up is Seafire. The picture for this was a dark green colour but the description explained it was a washed out sea green so i was not 100% sure what to expect. i liked the sound of the sparks colours mixed in so i purchased. here is how the eyeshadow came (note i purchased a mini without sifter but there is an option for a sifter) As you can see the colour is a washed out green and a little lighter than the image that displays the product. but i have no issue with that as the lighter colour is personally better :)

The Second one i purchased was Divinity This pone was pretty much what the picture said and looks exactly the same. I like that this one is just really a slight tiny with a gold hue to it.

So swatches. I swatched on my forearm and i did not use any primer. The shadow went on a breeze and it was a smooth application with not bumps or lumps. actually the mix was perfect!

Left- Seafire. Right- Divinity.

I love how Divinity is so subtle but still packs a punch of that goldy pink colour!!!

You can purchase an array of beautiful colours from Femme Fatale Cosmetics and if your not sure what colours you want, Femme Fatale sells sample sizes as well for you to try.
Prices start from $3.10 for a mini without sifter. Femme Fatale also ship internationally so everyone can enjoy their products!!!

Until next time....
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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Delush polish ocean sapphire Swatch and review

Hey Everyone! 
Today i have another lovely polish to share with you. I was sent This polish by Femme Fatale Cosmetics to swatch and share.DeLush Polish Is an Indie brand that honestly i had not come across until now. When i received the mini of Ocean Sapphire, i could not believe how pretty the polish was and how i managed to miss it! So i swatched away and found this colour to be perfect! so much so that i have worn it twice since!
The polish only needed 2 coats over a clear base coat and then i used a top coat of seche vite.

So on with the pics!!!!

As you can see the polish is stunning!!!! and once it was on my nails i could not help myself and had to stamp on it! so i grabbed my mermaid scales plate #39 from Mash Nails and started to stamp!!!

Even Osiris loved the polish and nail art...or maybe she thought my fingers were little fishies??!! 

So you can get Delush polish from FEMME FATALE COSMETICS and they ship worldwide! alternatively you can get Delush polish direct if you are outside of australia at their SHOP SITE and dont forget to check them out on FACEBOOK.

For updates on all Femme Fatales restocks make sure you like their FACEBOOK PAGE also :)

Until next time.......
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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dead set Babes- Aussie nails Monday...well Tuesday...again!

Hi there everyone,
Once again i'm a day late!!! man i'm slack but i have finally got the pics to share with you! 
This week for AN Monday the theme was pink Aussie indies. So i got out a pretty polish i got ofr my birthday from the lovely Bella of Dead Set Babes.

The polish is called all of the lights. It is a Pink creme with many different coloured hexes and squares all small in size. I needed 3 coats on my nails and a top coat.
The application was excellent.i had no issues with pulling or streaking at all. i could of used 2 coats but i got a bit "polish happy"and used 3.

So lets look at the polish.... (all pics today were taken in a light box with artificial light.) 

Pretty right??!! i don't usually wear cremes and glitter very often, i'm just no a huge fan but i likes the fact this polish was not wishy washy and had lots of colour.

You can purchase Dead Set Babes on ETSY and they do ship overseas. you can also like their FACEBOOK PAGE for any upcoming offers and specials, new releases etc.... and check them out on INSTAGRAM @desdsetbabes.

until next time.....

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Lynnderella Gobble This LE swatch and review

hi there everyone!!!!
Today i have a very pretty polish to share. I was lucky enough to grab the new Lynnderella Fall Twin set a few weeks ago. This set is Limited Edition so when you see these you have to grab them straight away!
Ok so lets get down to business........

Lynnderella Gobble this is a dense glitter topper with what i would call a silvery undertone to it. when i first saw swatches i was a little put off as i thought it was quite dark compares to other lynnderella polish. But once i got it home there is a burst of colour in the bottle. As usual most lynnderella polishes are a million times better IRL than pics.

The polish contains many different coloured glitters in hexes, shapes and bars. It has really good coverage due to the large amount of fine glitter in the bottle so i only had to use one coat to get a good cover of glitter on my nails. I swatches over China Glaze cosmic dust. and put a top coat of seche vite as well.

So here are some pics..... excuse them i had to use the light box as the sun is hiding today.

Pretty right??!!!
Ok so where can you buy Lynnderella polish here in australia? well if you head on over to GLITTER CONNECT they will hook you up with all the latest Lynnderella polishes. but note you have to be quick! these babies go fast and you need to be a ninja to get Limited Editions! 

If you live overseas no problems the Land of Lynnderella is USA so you can check out all the current ranges at Lynnderella Ebay Store and as of about a week ago the Limited editions we cannot get here in Oz are now available to be shipped overseas now as well!

Stay tuned as ill have the 2nd polish in this twinset up in a few days or so..... 

Also don't forget to follow me on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram as well as hooking up with GFC and bloglovin.

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