Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Celestial Cosmetics Love Never Dies Collection

Hi there everyone!
Today I have the new collection for Celestial Cosmetics.
The Love Never Dies collection is a set of 6 polishes which are based on the movie Bram Stokers Dracula.
This was a collaboration between Nicki from Celestial Cosmetics and Maria Taylor, who loves Dracula heaps!!!!

Lets check out this very beautiful collection. All polishes used only 2 coats with a clear top coat.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Celestial Cosmetics We Breathe Fire Collection

*Press Sample.

Hi there everyone!! Today I have the new collection from Celestial Cosmetics to share with you today.
We breathe Fire collection is a combo of 6 beautiful polishes all representing different dragons from the Inheritance Cycle (Eragon) books. 
I have 5 to share with you today.

I really liked the colour palette in this collection, really warm autumn colours.
So lets check them out!

Glaedr- Is a bronze/copper holographic polish. I use 2 coats for opacity. There were flakies also in the polish which can be seen in the shade. Personally, flakies in holo polishes is a love hate thing with me. I love how they give the polish character in the shade but i hate how they break up and effect the holographic effect in the sun. What i would call a linear holo is not as much with flakies in it. But the polish is still a pretty amazing and unique colour.



sun macro

shade macro
Firnen- Is a green based polish, with a dash of holo pigment and a green gold colour shifting flakies. 
I loved this as ...well..... it was green!!!!!! Only 2 coats for opacity for full coverage.


macro sun

shade macro

Saphira- Is a grey blue holographic polish with blue flakies. This is a limited batch. There will be only one made as far as I know, so if you love this beautiful colour buy up quick!!! I used 2 coats for opacity.



sun macro

shade macro

Jarnunvosk- this is a creamy nude holo polish with gold flakies and a gold shimmer. I really liked the end look of this polish, I also found that 3 thin coats was better than 2 thicker coats.


shade macro

sun macro
 Shruikan- Is a black linear holographic polish there is also colour shifting flakies. This is a great black holo if you do not have one!



macro sun

macro shade
All the polishes will be available tomorrow at Celestial Cosmetics and Celestial Cosmetics International site. All polishes will retail for $12 aud and $11 usd.

Make sure you do not miss out on these beauties!!!!

Until next time....

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Celestial Cosmetics Pun-Tastic Collection Swatches

Press Sample

Hi there everyone!!!
Today I have the new collection from Celestial Cosmetics. The Pun-Tastic Collection is all about a little but of fun and word play. Nicki from Celestial Cosmetics had a competition a little while back where everyone could offer their fav puns to the Celestial Star Facebook Page and then Nicki picked 6 to make polishes for! and today I have all 6 to share with you all.

Let's check them out......

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Pretty Serious Cosmetics Type 40 Swatches

*Press Sample.

Hi there everyone!
I've posted my pics most places but totally realised I'd not actually blogged this polish!!!!! *facepalm*  So today I'm sharing the Pretty Serious Cosmetics Type 40 polish. I loved that PSC released this colour, That special blue box is one of the things I remember from my childhood and as I have grown up, I have been lucky enough to share my love of Doctor Who with my daughters,

I have been to the original Doctor who museum in Llanglollen north Wales back in 1999 (my hubby family are from Llanglollen so it was one of the first places he took me!!) and When we re visited the UK in 2009 I took my daughter to the new Doctor who museum. Here are a few pics ;)

Zoe was SOOO little then!!!!!! she still loves doctor Who and watches it all the time!!!!
Shes been to comic con as the TARDIS as well as going out in her Black milk TARDIS Slouchy!!!

We even had a TARDIS Gingerbread house this year for christmas... 

So lets get on with checking out Type 40!!!!

It is a amazing blue which you only need one coat. I used 2 but I did not really need it!

As you can see with this polish a slightly different light source changes the colour completely I tried so hard but could not get 2 photos the same!!! and for me that's no something that usually happens to me!!

All I can say is the polish is perfect. And I went and brought 2 more bottles after my Press Sample arrived!!!

You can still purchase from Pretty Serious Cosmetics for $9.95 a bottle

Until next time.....

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

OPI Infinite Shine Polish Road test.

Hi there everyone!
Today I wanted to share the OPI infinite shine polish series,
The idea of this polish range is to provide a hard wearing polish range that will give clients up to 14 days wear.I purchased the base and top coat plus one colour to road test.

I read the instructions and applied a layer of base coat, then 2 coats of colour and finally a single layer of top coat. I did notice that the base coat took a little while to dry, while the top coat dried super fast.

Here is Day One.

Day Three- After the first 3 days I noticed a small amount of tip wear on 2 nails. this was it. the only other thing I noticed was the top coat was not as shiny as it was on day 1.

Day Five- By day 5 I had more tip wear and I also noticed some wear on other parts of my nail. Not a great deal but it was starting to bug me.

Day Eight-  So I totally forgot to take a picture before I removed the polish. But I ended up with even more tip wear. At no time did I actually get any chips which for me was amazing!!!!
For most people I think they would get 2 weeks of wear from this collection. For me the tip wear annoyed me way too much as I am so use to changing my polish every day!

You can purchase  Infinite Shine polishes at International beauty supply for wholesale purchase.

Until next time.......

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Essie Retro Collection Swatches.

Hi there Everyone!
I decided to see what all the fuss was about with the re release of some Essie polishes. The Essie Retro collection comprised of many different Essie polishes that were popular over the past few years. The biggest talk was of them re releasing Starry Starry Night.
 This was a big deal!!!!! Ever since they deleted it many years ago, people have been trying to buy this polish, It has even sold for several hundred $$$ on ebay!!!!
There has been a few dupes over the years, but who would not want a essie version!!!!
So lets check them out shall we??!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Rimmel Super Gel polish Swatches.

*Press Samples.

Hi there everyone!!!!
Today I have the Rimmel Super Gel polishes. There are 15 in the collection and I ahve 12 to share with you today.

The Premise with this particular polish collection is that it has the durability of gel but no UV or LED lamp is required. The polish "cures" under the normal UV rays outside.
This is suppose to give the polish durability and the claims are it lasts up to 14 days.

I wore Rimmel Blue Babe to road test these claims. I wore 2 coats of the colour and one coat of the special top coat that came with the colour. The top coat is suppose to help the durability. The polish dried super quick as did the top coat. When I wore it i had hard gel overlays on my nails, so the polish went straight over these.
 I had 7 days wear and did not get a single chip. I was very impressed as i usually chip my polish in a day!
On the 10th day I had some decent tip wear so I removed the polish to swatch the rest.
Very impressive.

OK so lets check out the colours.....

Sunday, April 17, 2016

OPI New Orleans Collection Swatches

*Press Sample.

Hi there everyone! Today I have the OPI New Orleans Collection to share with you.

This is a collection of 12 polishes which is currently available worldwide. 
Here is a list of the 12 colours.

Lets check them out shall we???

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Celestial Cosmetics Valyrio Collection Swatches

*Press Sample.

Hi there everyone!!! This month as you all know is Celestial Cosmetics 3rd Birthday Celebration.
Along with the 3rd birthday polish Celestial Dream and the April LE polish, Nicki has released a new Game of Thrones Collection.

The Valyrio Collection

Lets check them out.......

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Celestial Cosmetics April Limited edition polish

*Press Sample.

Hi there everyone!  Today I have the April Limited Edition to share with you all. Each month Celestial Cosmetics creates a limited edition polish. This month the inspiration is the sweet pea. Below is the inspiration picture.

Celestial Cosmetics  created a beautiful purple/burgundy polish with a slight shift in the shade and holographic in the sun. it is an awesome combo and only 2 coats for opacity. In the shade you can see green micro glitter that give this polish another effect. the macro shot shows them quite well.









You can purchase the April LE now from Celestial Cosmetics  for AUD$10.80 on special. the international store will also be stocked soon.

Until next time........