Sunday, June 24, 2012

a bit of a mish mash.....

Right i have had a few polishes in the post lately OPI just spotted the lizard,some china glaze optical illusion, and 4 picture polishes(they were on sale here) so what to swatch??? well i have done a few but between kids screaming and a migraine creeping up on me i have only manages to do a few. along with crap weather over the past few days getting a good pic was so hard. and
i dont know if everyone else is the same, but no matter how much cuticle oil and cotton gloves i wear my hands are so dry at the moment :( booooo!
ok anyway here we go.
first up is OPI just spotted the lizard. I am in loooove with this polish. it was all everyone made it to be and more. i struggled to get good pics but me...i just could not keep my eyes of this polish. after a base coat it only needed 2 coats to get great coverage. i did not put a top coat on for these pics.the polish was not too thick or thin and i did not get too many stroke marks.

how beautiful is this polish. i always struggle to buy OPI because of the cost here in australia but this was well worth the money. if any one knows where i can get OPI that ships to australia for a good price please comment me. i would love not to pay $20.00 a bottle for OPI.

Next up is a very coveted polish from the gecko. When i saw floam i sooooo wanted this polish. and after stalking ninja polish i finally managed to get myself a bottle.
Honestly after wearing it. i have mixed feelings now. i love the colour. and with this combo i used a sally hansen blue polish(i cannot remember the name but it is in the xtreme range) as undies and 2 coats of floam on top with SV for a top coat. but even though it was beautiful on.... it was a bugger to get off even after 15 mins of cotton balls and foil! so as much as i loved to wear it i am leaving this for a once in a while polish as it takes way to long to to take off!

i hope you have liked these swatches. i have my Ozotics to swatch next but that involves painting my nails black etc so i need to do it when children are not around.


Thursday, June 14, 2012

And we have a winner!!!!

Good morning all!
I have just worked out the whole raffle copter thing and we have a winner.........

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congraulations to JME who has won the prize!

and as a little extra i am going to pick my favorite name out of all the great ideas you all came up with for my green franken i created.

There were a load of name and some were even doubled up!

After having a good read through all the names offered up and boy was it hard i love heaps of them! i finally picked one....

Stephanie'sAwesome said...
Hmm... picking a favorite polish is so hard! I don't think I could even tell you a favorite, but my go-to polish is Julep's Charolette. It's a pretty purple, super glossy and only needs 1 super quick drying coat. It is also a really nice polish to use under ones for layering :)

You should call your franken Radioactive. I mean, it's green and holographic, how much more Radioactive can it get?

So congratulations to you stephanie's awesome you have won your self a bottle of my newly named franken radioactive and i will put a couple of new mystery polishes in for you too!
so if you can email me on osirisandloki (at) gmail (dot) com i can send you your goodies!

Thank you everyone who entered!


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Holographic shatter polish

good morning everyone, firstly i have to say sorry for crap pictures there is not much sun around so my nails look way better in real life.!
ok i wanted to get myself a holo shatter polish, i looked high and low on the interweb and could not find one. so i thought hey! i will make my own! so with a bottle of sally hansen silver crackle a empty mini bottle and some spectraflair  i got working. i tested it first with a little bit and them put 5mls of silver crackle in a bottle with a couple of ball bearings then added 2 really small scoops(with a straw) of spectraflair then mixed it up. and hey presto! i have a holo crackle! why has someone not thought to do this before and sell it is beyond me! i layered my crackle over china glaze little drummer boy then a top coat with SV.

the crackles were not great but i think that was because i layered the polish real thick to make sure there was a holo effect.
i am heaps happy! i now have a crackle holo polish!

oh and do not forget My giveaway that ends on the 12th of this month!

Tara :)

Friday, June 1, 2012

some hounds tooth action.

Hello there fellow polishers!
Today i have a main that is did real quick due to the fact the bubs was running around the house screaming and i just had to grab her before she destroyed the whole house.

I painted my nails with pretty and polished  - labor of love and decided that i was a bit bored with it so i grabbed my stamping plate i got from ninja polish and decided to stamp some hounds tooth pattern on my nails.
I used for this dollish polish - millennium falcon and apart from the silver fleck on my skin(which i did clean up later) and the crap light to photograph. the mani turned out great. i used  sally hansen top coat also.

In the past my stamping has not been that great but part from a few smudges due to a 1 year old i was happy and several people even commented on it!

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