Sunday, June 30, 2013

Celestial Cosmetics- Poppy's Flower Swatch and review.

Hello there everyone! Today i have a beautiful polish up for review.
I have to admit i am a little bias as this polish was inspired by my little one pops. so you can see why i would just love this polish. But irrelevant of the name i fell in love when i popped it on my nails!!!

Introducing.......... Celestial costmetics Poppy's Flower. I was lucky enough to receive this bottle of polish for my birthday group pressy so i have got it before its release on 1st July.

Now im not a huge fan of red polish, tho since i had the Pops i have grown to love a lot of red and orange polish purely because i have started to collect all polish with the name Poppy.

Poppy's Flower is a beautiful red jelly with black glitter in several sizes along with some red hexes too.

how much does this represent a poppy???!!!!

I think it does perfectly!!!

So the polish itself.... All my swatches with this polish are with a clear base coat and 2 coats of Poppy's Flower and no top coat.

The quality of the polish was great and did not streak at all even when i applied my second coat only a few mins after my first coat. The polish dried really quick  but as with all polish i always recommend a Quick dry top coat just in case of an unwanted bump.

The distribution of the glitter was great, and i did not have to dab at all, just normal brush strokes to get this coverage.

Celestial cosmetics Poppy's Flower will be available from  1st July over at Celestial Cosmetics this polish is part of her new collection coming out and i really hope to eventually get all of them!!!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Picture Polish Bombshell plus a sneak peak of lokis lacquer winter is coming collection.....

Hey there! today I have one of my staple polishes to share with you today. This polish I use for a lot of nail art due to the opaqueness of it and also that 2 coats is perfect for undies with a lot of other glitter top coats.

Im talking about Picture Polish Bombshell.

Now don't get me wrong I have a bunch of metallic blue polishes that I love and Calvin Klein electric blue but it is a thin polish and when doing nail art or you are need of a base quickly for a glitter polish, you need a reliable opaque polish that will work every time!
This polish is my go to blue undie polish!

but here is it by itself 2 coats with a seche vite top coat.

how perfect is this polish!!!! no streak marks at all and with 2 coats a perfect finish!!!

Next I am about to show you Bombshell with one of my new up coming polishes from the Game of Thrones inspired collection called ....Winter is coming.... this polish is called Fire and Ice, a blue and red glitter topper with a copper glass flake throughout to give a beautiful ön fire"effect.

Picture polish Bombshell is available at picture polish website and make sure you check out their everyday deals. Fire and Ice will be available from the 1st July over at Lokis Lacquer etsy shop or you can head on over there now and pre order.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

An exciting post with a collaboration!

Hello there everyone!!!
Today i have some exciting news for you all......

The lovely lady  Cassandra who is behind the awesome blog  The reluctant femme  and i have come together to bring to you 2 awesome polish goodies!!!

First up...... As a lot of will know i released a limited edition collection of 5 different duochrome polishes about a month ago. I only made 5 of each and every bottle was numbered. All but 1 polish sold out in 3 hours, and i have had a lot of emails requesting these polishes, but they were limited edition so a lot of ladies missed out.........or did they............

Well along with the 5 of each bottle i made a mini set for a giveaway. and that is where  The reluctant femme comes in to the story!!!!
If you head on over to this blog post you can enter and win the FULL mini set of these much coveted polishes!!!

would you like to see what they look like??? ok here is a quick looksee again for those who missed out on the LE polishes......

Beautiful right???!!!

Ok but i said 2 things are happening today!!! well along with these up for grabs i also have created a new limited edition polish especially for Cassandra called The Reluctant Femme.
This polish i think captures Cassandra and her personality.

Here are some pics for you....... This polish is a black holographic polish which has a colour shift from black to purple/pink to green.

Nice right???!!!!

ok so where and when can you get this polish???

 The Reluctant Femme will be available from 15th June 2013 till the 30th June 2013. yep that's right only for a total of 15 days!!!!! every bottle will be numbered and as orders come in they will get the next number in the LE amount. Each bottle will cost $10.00 (due to the high cost of the holo pigment) and you will be able to purchase them via and click on the limited edition button in the left sidebar. International customers please message me if you would like a bottle sent to you :)
So keep an eye out for the 15th to grab your bottle!!!!!!

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Friday, June 7, 2013

shaun of the dead...this is serious collection

Dont forget everyone that currently for sale over in my Lokis Lacquer etsy shop i wave the current collection for sale inspired by shaun of the dead.
This colection will only be available till the end of the month.

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A hot pink zebra went out one day.......

Today i have to share with you some stamping i did the other day . 
I'm not a huge nail stamper only when i really really really like the design. but it was just by chance this mani happened!
I recently had a bit of a Nails inc haul from a friend of mine and part of it was a little mini bottle of polish called leonard street. Now i am NOT a pink girl in the slightest but i really liked the brightness of this polish so i popped it on my nubs.
Well i just fell in love! this pink is awesome! and no matter how hard i look on the nails inc site they do not seem to sell it in a full size only as a mini in a pack. So i just HAD to make another order!!! 
The polish itself was a fantastic consistency 2 coats for opaque and it dries with a semi matte finish. a bit like the wax effect that cult nails just brought out. but you can get a good shine on with a top coat like sheche vite or essence gel look top coat.
But thats not all! this hot pink was crying out for a zebra pattern! so i grabbed my bundle monster plates BM223 to be exact and stamped me some zebra print!!! i used my go to stamping polish which is Ulta3 Black satin.

I just love this mani! do you???

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