Thursday, January 30, 2014

GOT thursday- dots

Hi there everyone
Today we have the theme of dots for out golden oldie polish challenge. simple right? well for some bizzare reason my brain stopped working and I could not for the life of my thing of what I wanted to do. Finally I took out my bottle of OPI moonraker which has been sitting my my cupboard for over a year. Now this was not a easy mani :( she stupid weather here was almost 40 oC and every time i tried to paint my nails the polish went gluggy as it was drying before I even had it on my nail. YUCK! I did finally get them painted, and after like a million attempts of nail stamping(again too hot for stamping!) I finally finished my Mani.

Apart from OPI moonraker, I used Ulta3 black satin and bundle monster plate BM415

Until next time.........
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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Le chat - coral carnation swatch

Hi there everyone!
Today I have a cheeky quicky post with a lovely polish i picked up the other week by a brand called Le Chat. It is a neon peachy colour called Coral carnation ,and is UV Reactive as well. The application was great and only took 2 coats.
Ill let the pics speak!

under UV light

I paid $4.50 for this polish but  they range from $4.00 to $10 depending where you grab them from.

Until next time......

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tri Polish Tuesdays- 28st Jan

Hi there everyone!!!!!
Week 4 of the Tri Polish Challenge. And this week I went with ...... flames!
I was a little lazy.... It was late and I soooooo needed to get this done,so I painted my nails black with Ulta3 Black satin, then stamped with Ulta3 white lily some flames using MASH plate number 48 then sponged the 3 coloured polishes over the white to create the flame look. I used Essence wanna be your sunshine, better late than never and flashy pumpkin.

It did not turn out too bad! plus I got to use all 3 of the colours for the try polish challenge!

Ok so where to buy the stuff I used???
Essence and Ulta3 polish can be purchased Here or you can pick up essence from Priceline and ulta3 from your local chemist. The MASH plate can be brought Here.

Do not forget to check out everyones Manis below.

Until next time........
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Monday, January 27, 2014

Aussie nails Monday- flowers

Hi there everyone! Today is the last day for Aussie nails week and I thought I would incorporate the 2 challenges into one again. The theme is flowers, and what better way to finish off Aussie week than with some native flowers. 
So decided to hand paint some wattle as this was my poppy's(grandfather not daughter) flower,

A waratah as this is one of my fav flowers (plus I walked down the aisle holding them) 

A loooong time ago in 2000

and finally some gum blossom as it reminds me of snugglepot and cuddle pie from my childhood

And lastly I wanted to paint a little joey so I did then too for good measure!!!!

Here is my mani. I used Zoya Envy as my base then hand-painted the images with acrylic paint and popped a top coat on.

I really love this mani!!!!

Until next time......
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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Aussie nails week- allens lollies mani

It is the second last day for Aussie week, and today I have another mani I created using home made water decals. This time it is all about Allens lollies.

There are some lollies that I just makes me think of Australia. They would have to be...Jaffas.....

image source-

and minties.......

image source-

and fantales.......

image source-

so i took these images and printed them on clear water decal papers, then I painted my nails with Color Club Harp on it (all but one finger) and then places the decals over them.
The effect was great.I first saw this effect over at More Nail polish and I wanted to give it a go too!

Here is my mani.....

Cool right?!!

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Until next time........
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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Aussie Nails week- Sydney skyline at sunset

Hello everyone!
This is the 3rd last mani for the Aussie week! I have had a ball doing all these different designs and it had reminded me that I need to do more nail art. I'm usually so lazy and just pop on polish and a glitter topper. hopefully you will see more designs on my blog :)

OK so today..... I have decided to paint the Sydney skyline at sunset. You have to admit Sydney skyline is quite remarkable. with the opera house,harbor bridge and centrepoint tower all in the one place is pretty great!
With this mani, I had to use a HEAP of different coloured polishes, and all of them were Ulta 3. You may have noticed I use a lot of their brand when I do nail art, and honestly I find that they are a good brand for cremes that's are opaque in only 1 or 2 coats.
I sponged on my nails the following colours. I did this over and over to create the blended skyline look - Ulta3 charcoal, blue marlin, spring break, palette play, block it out, tone it up, peach paradise, coral reef, Honolulu and midnight. I then used some silver holo glitter to add the stars at the top of the sky.

They turned out great I think.
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And DONT FORGET.....there is only one more day to enter the boxing day competition .Here is the
Until next time.........
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Friday, January 24, 2014

Heartbreaker Nails.... An up and coming nail artist!

Hi there everyone,
It not that often I plus another nail artist and i love to paint nails myself, but today I would like to share with you a lovely nail artist called Joelene and she is the owner of HEARTBREAKER NAILS

If you love kooky nail art pop art and all things neon and funky! she is the gal to go to. Her prices are reasonable and as she is mobile Joelene can come to you! I was lucky enough to be at a nail polish get together on the weekend and I got my nails done by Joelene. 
 The job when finishes was awesome, and iI was super happy with my mani!

under UV light

Cool right??!! check out a couple of the other gals manis too....

It was fun having my nails done by someone else!!!!

Don't you LOVE Joelenes rainbow hair!!!!!
If you would like to check out more of Heartbreaker Nails manis or work you can check her out on FACEBOOK or on INSTAGRAM (@heartbreaker_nails)

Until next time........

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Aussie nails week- red back spider mani.

Hi there everyone,
So today is a mani which is cute but a bit creepy especially if you do not like spiders......
Red backs are a spider here in oz, they are kind of like the black widow or america but they have a big ass red stripe on their butts. Their bite can kill a child, but would make a adult very sick.

image sorce
They are little buggers which make their webs everywhere and seem to like getting where they are not suppose too! ive seen on many occasion one under a chair I need to sit on etc. And we are always finding them in our garden.

So I created some nail art with several stamping plates and Ulta3 polish and a little glitter.

I painted my nails with Ulta3 Allure then stamps with mash plate 53 to create the woodgrain effect with Ulta3 Chinchily, then with mash plate 38 and Messy mansion plate MM11 i stamped the spiders in Ulta3 lily black, then popped the red on them with Ulta3 sizzling red striper polish. Lastly I added a little bit of gliter to the wet red polish and popped a top coat on.

Creepy but cute!!!
You can purchase Ulta 3 at your local chemist, and online at The Heat Group. My stamp plates i got from MASH nails and the MM11 plate from Messy Mansion.

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Until next time......
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Thursday, January 23, 2014

GOT Thursday - blue.

Hi there everyone! Today we have another GOT Thursday and the theme for today is........ Blue.

so i got an oldie out which I have never used. I have always wanted it but never worn...can you believe it??
The polish is........  Nails Inc Baker Street.

Such a bright colour! but I love it!!! This was 3 coats by itself. now i wanted to jazz it up a bit, so I grabbed a stamping plate, stamped a white gradient on it, then added some Lynnderella Candy Wrapper on the tip of my nails.

Not to shabby!!!
Well I hope you liked this weeks GOT challenge!
I cannot wait till next week!!!!!!

Until next time...........
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Aussie nails week- beach scene

Hi there everyone!
Today I have a beach scene I creates for my nails. Lets face it, the beach is an Aussie tradition. From a very young age I have memories going to Windang NSW with my Nan and Pop every Christmas holidays. Fishing, prawning, playing in the ocean etc.
Now I have kids we take them to Kiama NSW most years, and they play in the sand etc. and pretty much have a ball!

Zoe in 2010 at Kiama.

With all these great memories, I created a beach scene on my nails with Ulta3 polish.
I used Ulta 3 soft hydrangea, block it out, blue marlin, midnight fever, striking, charcoal, Chinchilly, earl grey, xoxo, lily white and black satin. The base was soft hydrangea then from there I painted with a brush and sponge the scene, then topped with a clear top coat.

The do remind me so much of the beach we use to go to as a kid!!!

Ulta3 Polish is awesome for nail art and can be purchased for $2 at your local chemist or online at The Heat Group.

If you would like to see what everyone else is doing on their nails, check out the links below.
Until next time......
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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Aussie Nails week - hand painted cockies

Hi there everyone! how are you?
Today I have taken inspiration from a painting i found on the internet. Here is the painting.

Image source-

This painting was painted by a lady called Jacqui McKinnon. And I love it! So I decided to try and paint this on my nails.
I used Zoya Song for the blue background, then with acrylic paint painted the background of branches and leaves. Then with Ulta3 polish (lily white,charcoal,honolulu,black satin,xoxo,chinchilly and soft hydrangea) I painted the cockies. then popped a top coat over it all.

It took quite a while to paint as each layer of polish had to dry.

I hope you like it I was quite happy with the results.
I love Ulta3 for nail art, I find that their opaqueness makes for good artwork.

If your interested in picking up a bottle or two of Ulta3 you can pick them up for only $2.00 at your local chemist or online at The heat group.
do not forget to check out everyone else's nails over this week below!

Until next time...........
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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tri polish tuesday - 21st Jan

So as you might of guessed from yesterday post this week is Australia day week, and a bunch of us Aussie bloggers are doing nails to share our love for Australia. I really wanted to make sure I did all my challenges this week even tho we are doing Aussie manis. so today for Tri polish Tuesday, i have used red and yellow of the 3 colours to create my mani today.

A huge Aussie staple is Vegemite!!! When i lived in the UK for 6 years i had to get my mum to send me tubes of it to me regularly as i love it on toast, plus it is great to pop into gravy etc. Marmite is just not the same :(

When I was a kid they played a jingle for Vegemite on the TV, i still sing it today sometimes when I get the Vegemite out! It funny how you remember these things!

I decided to use Ulta3 Honolulu and chocolate cake to create the mani, and then I printed in white decal paper the little red Vegemite symbols.
I think the mani turned out quite well!!!!

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Until next time..........
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