Monday, July 29, 2013

It's BLOGFEST 2013 TIME!!!!!!!!!

THAT'S RIGHT!!!!! It is Picture Polish BLOGFEST 2013!!!!!

"The year of the Blogger"
"This year it is all about celebrating what us as bloggers do!"

I was super excited to be invited to join this annual event! And this year is even more exciting than the last!!! 

This year everyone who was invited to join  in the Blogfest were sent 3 shades of Picture polish and were asked to create nail art with them and only them ( a little black and white was ok too  )
And on top of that  everyone who has joined in the BLOGFEST 2013 gets the chance to win a special prize as well!!!

What do we win i hear you ask?? well, for contributing to the BLOGFEST we have the chance to win one of 3 opportunities to create a collaboration shade with Picture Polish for 2014! 

I KNOW RIGHT!?!?! How awesome would that be!!! i know exactly what i would want to do and name mine if i got the chance it would be one hell of a tribute to my 2 girls!!! 

So the  prizes that are up for grabs include 3 categories-  

1 award voted by the picture polish friends and fans
1 award voted by the blogfest 2013 peeps
1 award voted by Jules and Megs of picture polish

OK so  now i hear you shouting at me...... "come on Tara! what did you get???"  ...So here are the 3 shades of Picture Polish that i received......

I received
and the NEW collab shade

Now you may be thinking "woah! what nail art can you do with these 3 polishes??" and honestly i saw them and although each one of these polishes in their own right are AWESOME! i just for the life of me think could not think of any nail art! i was in a total kerfuffle with 3 totally different polishes and type of finishes that they have. 
I mean i had a jelly with holo, a creme and what i would call a glass fleck finish.  
I tried a bunch of different nail art,watermarbling and cling wrap manis that i did not like before my 11 year old Zoe (and a lot of my followers know my special little girl...and for you peep out there who don't, she is just as much a polish addict as me!) said to me "Mum ! they are the colours of the little mermaid!"

I have one word for that kid! GENIUS! 

So after drawing some pictures...... and i dont know if anyone else does this but i have a black and white pic of my nails laminated which i draw on with a whiteboard marker to draw what i want before actually painting it..... anyways here are my nails inspired by Ariel The Little Mermaid.

Now so ok it is only her torso! but i have nubbins ATM and pretty much that was all that would fit! but i got her scales and her bra so i think it looks like her!!!

Now i hear you ask how did you do this??
well below is a tutorial of how to get Ariels torso on your nails......

First up you will need the following brushes.

 Pop on a base coat and then 2 coats of Picture Polish Fairy Floss.

With the medium brush paint white polish where you want the bra and mermaid tail.
I did this so that when i paint on the other colours they would pop! 
(thanks Tammy for this awesome tip)

Next With the Med brush paint 2 coats of Picture Polish Attitude 
over the white where your bra will be.

Next do the dame thing with the Picture Polish Sea Jewel where
the tail will be.

Last up with the fine brush and black polish paint in the detail.
The scales, the bra detail and lastly using the dotting tool pop on a belly button.

And lastly pop on a clear top coat.

So there you have it! Ariel Torso nails!!!!!                      
I hope you enjoyed this post and the tutorial. Now for the important stuff!!!
 Where can you get these polishes???                              
You can hop on over to Picture Polish if you live in Australia and buy up big!!
The Shipping rates are reasonable and on top of that you can also pick up some
awesome Everyday Deals these include ( at the time of this post) buy 4 polishes and 
get 1 free or buy 7 and get 2 free.

Now what if you live overseas?? no problem check out the Network page
to see where you can buy overseas. There are many different options available 
to you on this page.

You can also check out Picture Polish and follow them in various ways-

Well i have had a blast joining in with blogfest! Don't forget to check out everyone elses
manis and tutorials via inlinkz below, and please feel free to follow my via GFC ,google +, bloglovin or 
via Email in the right sidebar.
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Until next time.....


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Born Pretty nail plate stamping tutorial and review.

Hello there everyone!
today i have to share with you a nail stamping plate i got from Born Pretty. and i also have created a little tutorial to show how to use the stamping plate as well.

Ok so to start off here is the stamping plate that  Born Pretty sent me to review.

Plate QA62.  I think this is a super cute plate if not only for the penguin!!!

I likes the fact that this stamping plate had quite big etchings on it. I have fairly wide nail beds and this plate had not issues delivering with the width. the measurement for the square etching was - 1.6 x 1.8cms compared to the older born pretty plates i have (faux konad ones) which are only 1cm x 1.3cm.

Ok so do you use the stamping plate i hear you ask??

Well here is a step by step tutorial on how to do basic stamping.

First, you will need the following....
*An old credit card or loyalty card.
( you can get special little scrapers but i found a old card was better)
*Nail polish to stamp with.
(preferably a polish that is a high pigmented one coat polish)
* Some cotton wipes, cotton ear buds and nail polish remover
* A nail stamper. the one i used is from Born Pretty and you can find it HERE for USD$8.77

Take your Nail polish and paint over the pattern you would like to stamp.
I used a Kiko mirror Gold as i know it will show up well.

Take your card and on an angle scrap off the excess.
Don't worry about the scrap lines. they will not pick up on the stamper.

Press your stamper onto the plate where the polish is.
When you do this slightly roll from side to side.
When you lift up your stamper you should have that a image like this below.

Once you have the image on it is now time to transfer it to your nail.
Make sure that the polish on your nail is dry. you don't want to smudge!
In a rolling motion, place the stamper onto your nail and press firmly roll from side to side.
This will transfer the polish from the stamper onto your nail.

Once your image is on your nail. take a cotton bud and clean around your nail and cuticle where the excess image went.
Then pop on a top coat.

The finished product.!!!

Some important tips........ Make sure when you start to stamp you have everything ready to go. Nail polish drys really fast and if you are not quick the polish will dry and not transfer to your nail.
Also don't be afraid to press down hard and rock the stamper, you are not going to break your nail or the stamper so go for it!!!!!!

You can get the stamper and the nail plate from BORN PRETTY and they offer free worldwide shipping!

PLUS!!!! as a bonus if you use the code CATG10 you will get an extra 10% off your purchase!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Picture polish Festival Swatch and Review.

Hello there everyone!!!!
Today i have an awesome polish to share. Picture polish Festival
Now im a flakie whore! i loves me some flakies!!!! and PP Festival has been on my wish list FOREVER!!!! Finally i was lucky enough to receive it in my birthday group parcel from Nicki! (thanks Nicki xxx)
And well....i little tear rolled down my cheek when i saw it!

Here is the beautiful polish. It does not look much in the bottle i know but thats 1/2 the magic of flakies isn't it!!!!

So as most people swatch this beauty onto black i went for a slightly different shade. Cult nails Timetraveler.
Now if you read this post picture polish...... Pleeze oh Pleeze can you make a navy creme!!!!! i love cults nails but it would be more awesome to have a Picture Polish one!!! im just sayin!!!!

Ok so now i have had my little begging session to Picture polish, here are the polish swatches. As you can see i have used both bottles for my swatch shots :)

And now a swatch mattified!

Ok so the Details.......
Picture Polish Festival was full of multi colour flakies. i only needed 2 thin coats to get a really good coverage of the flakies on my nail. i was totally happy with this. The polish dried quite quick but saying that i did do really thin coats so i expected it to. My undies as i said before were 1 coat of Cult nails Time traveler. and i used a top coat of Seche Vite for the glossy shots and Essie Matte about you for the Matte shot ( i totally need to get my pinkies onto the G'day Matte top coat from PP ASAP!!!!!)

With all flakies they are very random so you get a different look on every nail! 

Verdict???!!! well i love it!!!! tho *Hint! Hint!* i would love to see some more flakies again from Picture Polish. and my dream?? a pure blue flakies polish. I NEED ONE!!!!!

You can pick up Picture polish over at their WEBSITE and dont forget to check out their Everyday Deals.
Overseas buddies??? check out Picture Polishes Network page to find where you can get yours!!!!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Celestial cosmetics- Barbies Wish Trio Swatches and review

Hello there Everyone!
Today i have some pretty fancy polishes to share.
Now im not a pretty pink girly girl at all but i was lucky enough to receive the new Barbie Wish Trio from Celestial Cosmetics. This trio of polishes are about to hit the world tomorrow so make sure you check out their shop for all the info!!!

Any ways lets get down to the polish itself.

First up is OH!

This is a pale pink creme polish. application was easy and i needed 3 coats over my gels to get the above look. i also put a top coat of seche vite on. The time it took to dry was no different than any other polish.
I was surprised on how good it looked on my nails. Pastel polish has never really suited my skin colour but this polish i think is just the right tone for me to get away with!!!!

Ok so next up is MY!

MY! is a pretty pink jelly polish that glows in the dark pink. the polish is very sheer so you will need undies for this polish. I had 2 coats of Ulta3 lily white on and then 2 coats of MY! over that. than a top coat of seche vite.
This polish is a little more tricky to put on. the polish is very thick because of the GITD (glow in the dark) pigment and because of this you need to make sure your polish has dried a fair bit before putting on a second coat to avoid streaking. Having said this, my own Lokis Lacquers GITD polishes are exactly the same so if you want a good Glow effect it its the small price you need to pay for this.
As with all GITD polishes you need to SHAKE WELL!!! this is really important as GITD pigment is really heavy and tends to sink a bit in polish so with a good shake you can evenly distribute the pigment in the polish and it activates in sun much more effectively.
After 2 coats of this polish  i charged it up with my UV light. Now this is a GLOW IN THE DARK polish not to get confused with a UV polish. so all you need to do is just pop your polish on a window sill in the sun and it will charge right up. or if you are like me and impatient a UV light or lamp will do it a whole bunch quicker.
Here is the result once i charged the polish on my nails up.

How cool is this!!! a pink GITD polish!!!! i love it!

so the third in the trio is called GOSH!

So this polish called GOSH! is a hot pink UV polish. which means it glows under UV light. The polish is a jelly- crelly type of polish  and as you can see with my nails i used 3 coats and still had a small VNL. i could have really used undies with this polish but hindsight eh!! This polish also comes with black stars.

now to check out the polish under a UV light. i might add this is very addictive.i just wanted to walk around with the UV light once i had this on! if i was ever going to a night club i would SO wear this polish!!!!!

 See how cool it is under the black light!!!!!!

here is a couple more pics of a dot mani i did with all 3 of these polishes.

So i hear you saying "I NEED THESE POLISHES!!!!!!!!" well you can get these bad boys over at Celestial Cosmetics from tomorrow afternoon and if you are really lucky and you go and check out @celestialcosmetics on IG they are having a giveaway of these very polishes!!!! They will be only AUD$25.95 for the Trio plus postage.
So what if you do not live in Australia??? thats fine don't fret too much...... head on over to Celestial Cosmetics on Facebook like them and keep an eye out for updates on international stockists.