Saturday, July 11, 2015

Glitter Gal Swatch spam.

*Press Sample

Hi there everyone!
Today I have some Glitter Gal spam to share with you. Glitter Gal is an Australian brand which has been around for a few years now. They specialise in holographic polishes but also have an full collection of cremes and shifting polishes too. I love the colours they provide but they do take a while to arrive as although they are Australian brand they post from USA. So shipping is not the cheapest :( but the holos are to die for !!!!!

Lets check them out!

Serpent black- Pretty black creme just 2 coats.

Bluemarang- a pale blue creme, just 2 coats.

Tan Line- a pale nude creme, 2 coats.

Tart yourself up- bright blue creme. 2 coats.

White Pointer- bright white creme. 2 coats

Brain Freeze- A black holographic polish with strong linear holo.. 2 coats.

 Crushed Ego- A purple holographic polish , strong linear holo. 2 coats.

 All of these colours are available at Glitter Gal the cremes retail for $9.95 and the holos are $11.95 all polishes are in 10 ml bottles.

Until next time......

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

OPI Man from La Mancha Swatches

Hi there everyone! today I wanted to share a lemming of mine that got squashed a month back.
since forever I have wanted this polish and also La Boheme. Well to be fair I want the whole Broadway Collection from 2003 and so far... I own only this one. But i'm sure over time I will find them all. As a collector of OPI I am always hunting down the next pretty on my list!!!

anyways as this is a pre 2006 polish and not 3 free etc, I decided to put this over a base coat. I was going to go with a basic black base as the polish is a little runny and very sheer, plus the duo effect I find works really well over black. But then I decided to go with a rust red base coat. I ended up using OPI Romantically involved from the 50 shades of grey collection. The colour was a great match!!!!

I used one coat of the red base and 2 coats of OPI Man of la Mancha.
This really sings beauty and I so wished that OPI would make these types of polishes again. 
I also love that it shifts colour like Clarins 230...which is another lemming I need to find!!!!

Isn't it just an amazing colour?!? I took all these pics in the shade as its the best sun to see the shifting effect.

Unfortunately this amazing polish is no longer for sale, but you can maybe find it on ebay or a destash sale if your lucky. If you do see it grab it!!!! but don't over pay for it. I have seen it for sale for over $30 and thats crazy. The price of older vintage polish has dropped a lot in the past 6 months, what with so many new brands coming onto the market so lots of polishes that were worth many $$$ are not worth anywhere near as much. So be vary because some people will take you for a ride :(

I hope you have enjoyed this amazing colour!!!!
until next time.......

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

OPI Brights 2015 Collection Swatches and Review

*Press Sample.

Hi there Everyone!!!!
Today I have the new OPI Brights 2015 collection to share with you.  Firstly the above pic is the american collection that was released. I wanted to share this because  here in Australia we did not get 2 of the colours, but what we did get is the OPI Put a coat on base coat from last years neon collection, which I have to say is AWESOME!!!!!

OK So in this Australian collection they did not release Life gave me lemons (a yellow/green creme) or On pinks and needles (pink glitter)  I was a bit gutted about the lack of yellow but the pink glitter did not really bother me.

When swatching these colours I decided to do as OPI recommended and use the colours over the white base coat. When I did this most of them I only needed one coat of the base and one coat of the colour. I personally think that this is the best way to wear them. It really makes the colours pop and if you try to build up the sheer colours you need 3 coats, and they are not as bright. The white base makes all the difference.

Also it is good to note that the white base does not have to be perfect. When I put it on I did have a few streaky bits but this did not show through with the colour.

So lets get on with checking out the colours!

Can't hear myself pink- This is a sheer pink shimmer polish. As a colour by itself I dont think it is very "neon"as such, but when you put it over the white base the colour pops. I found this was the common thing with all of this collection. The white really did make a huge difference. 
what I really liked about this colour was it has a slight colour shift to it. It was very faint and hard to capture in the pictures but the colour shifted toward a orange hue in the shade and low light. You can kind of see it in the shade shot. I used 2 coats of Can't hear myself pink over the white base.



Hotter than you pink- So this is a bright pink creme with a blue shimmer. I really love this colour. The blue shimmer really makes it unique too and separates it from the other pinks in this collection. I only used 1 coat over the white base for this. You can see in the swatches the slight blue shimmer but it was super hard to capture on my camera!



The berry thought of you- Is your classic fuchsia pink creme. With application it has a slight jelly finish to it, but over the white base just one coat makes it bright and almost a little squishy!!! I have a few colours similar to this in my collection but because of the slight jelly finish its a keeper!!!!!!!



Down to the Core-al- Is a coral/orange almost witches hat orange creme with a shimmer in it. Once again the white base is a must to get the most amazing bright neon effect! I used just one coat over the white base.



I STOP for red- Ok so this colour in the bottle does not look as red as it does on the nail. Infact if you layer 3 coats by itself it reminds me a lot of the coca cola red last year.but over the white base.... BAM!!!! in your face red!!! man this bad boy is BRIGHT!!!!!! super bright. the polish has a slight jelly feel to it like but just one good coat over a white base and this is your brightest red ever!!! I LOVE it!!!!!! The red in some light almost looks orange its so red. Actually more vermilion than red really but who cares! its bright!!! (Please note with this colour, while I did my best to capture its full brightness the photos do make it look more orange than red. the polish in real life is more red than orange )


I sea you wear OPI- Is a blue shimmer polish. Like the OPI can't hear myself pink, this is the other sheer one in the collection so it needed 2 coat over the white base. but it is super pretty and the blue is so bright!!!! Also tho for the life of me I could not capture it...the polish had a slight shift as well to the pink hue in the shade which I loved.


My car has navy-gation- So this was my fav colour from the collection, I love me some bright blue and this shade did not disappoint.  Tho I have to say the jelly like formula needed 3 caot by itself and was a lot darker than these swatches, this particular swatch is only one coat over the white base. See how it pops!!!! It reminds me very much of revlon royal, that poor discontinued that everyone loved so much. I have several bottles of it so I think I will so a comparison post of it!  It is truly amazing colour tho!!!!!



I really like this whole collection. And the white base is a must have in your collection. I found the formula of the put a base on was really good and a lot better than other whites ive used in the past.

All of these colours can be purchased from Myer and David Jones and retail for $19.95 each. 
If your undecided on what colours to get don't forget that OPI also do mini packs too which retail for $29.95 so you can try all of the colours first!!!

Until next time....
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