Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The great Aussie polish challenge ...day 2

Good morning everyone! we are no on day 2 of the great Aussie polish challenge!
Today i am going to share with you the wonderful brand Ulta3.

These polishes are great value at $2.00 a bottle and you can pick them up at Blooms chemist, Woolworths, and sometimes even in Target.

I was lucky to pick up a bunch of Ulta3 polishes the other day for 80 cents a bottle in Woolies!
So as i had green yesterday on my blog today i am going with.....Yellow! well Neon yellow to be exact!

To get the best effect of a neon it really needs to go over White, i used Ulta3 lily white. This is a great polish and good for stamping!
The Neon Yellow is called Citrus.

For this swatch i used a base coat of seche vite rebuild then 2 coats of Ulta3 white lily, then 2 coats of citrus.
How nice is this neon. it is SO bright on the nail! i think i may even stamp on white with this polish.

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Monday, July 30, 2012

The Great Aussie Polish Challenge Day 1

Hello Everyone!

So a bunch of us Australian nail bloggers got together on FB and decided to celebrate the Olympics and all things Aussie,we would share with the world wide web some FANTASTIC Australian Nail polish brands.

First off for me is a brand we all know and love........ Picture Polish!
They are a Aussie Brand which can be purchased Here.
They also have their blog-fest starting today also so go and check that out!

Picture Polish have a great range of different polishes. from duos to holos and muted and neon's.
I have chosen a muted shade to start off the week.

I picked this polish for 2 reasons....
Firstly it is green and that is one of the Aussie Olympic colours. and second.....because it is the name of my daughters favorite skylander!!!

This polish went on a bit streaky with the first coat but the second was great. I used Seche vite rebuild as my base coat and 2 coats of camo. no top coat! and look how shiny it is!

Here are the other Aussies playing this challenge this week.

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Make sure you check out all their blogs!!!

Tara :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Stealing pictures, lying about techniques, removing watermarks....what ever will they think of next???

I woke up yesterday to have a read of the usuall blogs on polish, and craft to see that a saga had happened over night. Sinful colors (now owned by REVLON) had brought out new leaflets and store displayed into the american chain Walgreens. Fine you might say, so what? but to the horror of a dedicated bunch of bloggers like myself who read our fellow nail addicts blogs each and every day, we hear that Sinful (and boy oh boy are they sinful...) colors  had stolen several bloggers photos,removed the watermarks and cropped to use in their leaflets. to top this all of they then Photoshop the nail imaged onto the models in the store displays!
Check out the following blog post by Nailed it here.

Personally i do not own many sinful colors polishes...actually i own only1. and i am not a huge fan of revlon, i find their polishes very hit and miss with cover and drying time. i have one polish that just will not dry on my nails! but form now on i think i will be boycotting their polishes for some time.

Revlon have issues on facebook and apology to the bloggers in the saga, but seriously.....they must have know what they were doing??? they purposely cut out  the watermarks and cropped the photos! and to top this all off the polishes used the the said manis were not even sinful colors, i think one was MAC and the other color club. I really hope that these companies seek legal advise about this too.
I am the first to say i do not watermark my pics, i should but really....my cuticles are terrible and i am sure no one will want my pics LOL!!! but i will be doing it from now on.

The other thing that upset me is the leaflet had wrong info on it. one of the manis was a toothpick method. and the picture clearly showed a stamping mani. there will be a lot of newbies out there who want to give it a go for prom or another function and in now possible way will get the same effect. this i am sure would ware away future blogger like myself who learned by leaflets and searching the net.
Please help us stamp out this display of theft and send a message to big companies who are too lazy to hire a model and a makeup artist for an hour to do someones nails. here is a link to the following.

sinful colors community page

a petition to stop sinful colors theft.

revlons so called apology

please feel free to comment on all of these.

Ok i have had my rant....and i really hope this does not happen again!!!

Tara :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Daring digits polish!

I had some more happy nail mail today! i got my order from daring digits. Ashley and her polishes are awesome!!! you can get them from her shop daring digits on etsy Here.
Ashley is such a sweetie! She was kind enough to make a personalize bottle of polish for my daughter Zoe.

I do not think that Zoe has ever been so excited! She came home from school, the normal conversation followed as usual...... "hi mum. did you get any post today?"  i said "yes" Zoe then asked what she always asks when i get post. "did you get any nail polish?" See i  have her well trained!!! i then this time said "yes Z, i got my order from Daring digits."Zoe then said "Oh! the super hero ones???"i then told her that yep it was these polishes and there was also a special one as well. Well Zoe got all excited and then i showed her. She picked it up, looked at it ohhhing and arrring over the glitter and then looked at the bottle bottom. 
The scream i think was heard back at school!!! " MUM MUM!!!! IT HAS MY NAME ON IT!!!!!"she screamed. Yes i said ashley from daring digits made especially for you!, but how did she know my name and my fav colour?? she asked. so i explained the conversation with Ashley and she just looked at me and said"so it is mine???? " Zoe is so cute! she sometimes does not understand always about things due to her ASD but i have to thank you Ashley for making my childs day!!!

Ok. so want to see zoes nails??? She painted them all herself, and i just cleaned up with some acetone and a paint brush at the end. She used Sally hansens xtreme Blue me away as her "undies" and then her Zoe polish on top.

She even has the posing on with the bottle down pat! and her cuticles look a bunch better than my dry hands!!!!
I think she did really well for her own paint job!

Now what else did i get from daring digits??
I got the super hero collection.

left to right- ironman, spiderman ,robin and batman. I think that ironman looks a lot like china glaze electrify so i think i will do a comparison i think. and robin will be great for xmas nails!!! but my fav would have to be spiderman i rally love this. it went on really well with good coverage. i decided to do a sandwich with spiderman and essie waltz this was my first attempt at a sandwich.
check it out (and excuse the dry cuticles... no amount of lemony flutter seems to get them back to good!)

The last 3 polishes i brought from daring digits was there 3.

These are- why so serious, enderman and cherry square. how great does the first one look! i cannot wait to put it on my nails!

So again thank you Ashley your polishes are awesome and the price and quality is great!

Tara :)

Monday, July 23, 2012


I finally manged to find myself some flakies! 5 bottles from ninja polish actually!
They are so pretty!

Here they are close up....

Hits Cha,Cha,Cha

Hits lambada

ludurana chura

ludurana trovao

up colors Banho de mar!

I have yet to swatch them but i cannot wait!!!!

Tara :)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

happy Nail mail!!!

good afternoon everyone!
On friday i got some great mail in the post! my Rainbow honey order and my Lush lacquer order! Here are some pics!

How great are all these polishes! and while i was out doing my grocery shopping Woolworths  i saw they had their Ulta3 polishes for 80cents a bottle so i picked up these.

I have to say i thought midnight was a black but i was pleasantly surprised that it was a really dark blue gelly!

I will have swatches to follow.
you can get rainbow honey from Here and lush lacquer from Here (on a side note there is a 2 week wait for polishes from lush lacquer,but the gals are great and good communication)

Tara :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Update on Glitter Gal polish.... they are now $2.00 a bottle!

I went in to penrith again today by chance and picked up few more Glitter Gal polishes!
Here are the ones i picked up on monday....

They were Almost all gone! and to top it off the price has gone up! they are now $2.00 a bottle. Hey that does not bother me at all, still cheap!
I managed to find a sparkle red which i do not have and also an old revlon sweet nothings in rendez-blue and a bottle of sally hansen nail prisms in Diamond which is holo silver!

I also brought a couple of the colours i already have..... holo Blue,green and silver, and sparkle black,silver and white. Now i know that some of you girls could not get out to penrith to get these polishes so i thought i would ask if there is anyone out there who would like to do a swap with me i am happy to do that!
just give me an email at osirisandloki at gmail dot com


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Yulefest nails.

So on Saturday my family celebrated Yulefest. if anyone does not know this is Christmas in July. to be honest we kind of do this for my dads benefit as he misses the cold wintery christmasses now we live in australia. not the UK any more.
So Zoe and i decided to do our nails with a Christmas theme.

First up is Zoe.
Sorry about the pic on this one as i used my iphone :(

We used wet and wild white for a base coat then i stamped with monster bundle plate BM213 using the snowflake like design. i first stamped with China glaze 2NITE then with dollish Polish millenium  falcon then i used a top coat with china glaze shooting star and seche vite.

As you can see after 2 mins she has already chipped one of her nails! kids!!!

for me i was wearing red so i chose a simpler design.

I did a base coat of insta dry base coat with sally hansen then China Glaze glittering garland I love that polish so much!!! then i taped off my nails and did klean color metallic red once that was dry i used my embossing stylus from my scrapbooking stash to dot klean color metallic gold. then 2 coats of seche vite.
They turned out quite well and everyone commented on them!

tara :)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Glitter gal polishes for $1.00 YES!!! $1.00!!!!!

Well, firstly before i started this post i had to change my pants because i wet myself with excitement when i saw this! LOL!!! no actually not quite but i was a very excited bunny when i saw this.....

Yes Your eyes do not deceive you....... I brought glitter Gal polishes for $1.00!!!!!!! they are the small size but i do not care!!!

I was at Penrith Plaza (in Penrith 2750) today and upstairs next to Big W a clearance shop opened up called beauty basement. and they had tubs and tubs of old polishes like revlon BYS etc. I started to have a looksie and as i rummaged up popped a little holo silver polish. i looked and thought i recognize this bottle! then looked again and sure enough it was glitter gal polish. well the assistant must have thought me mad as i did a little dance! and then she says the small ones were $1.00!
so i looked through and grabbed one of each of the colours i do not already have.
 I got from the top picture- Sparkle(glitter one) silver, white, copper and black. then in the next pic i got Holographic silver,copper,green and blue. notice the really old bottle of the blue! and the silver one has a bit of an old price tag on the label but i do not care! I have tried them all out on a finger each and they are all perfect! and i REALLY like the black! one coat and full cover. so if you are around the Penrith way go and check it out!

while i was out i also brought a few other polishes. these next bunch are what i brought over the past couple of weeks. plus the Essence season of extremes did not cot me anything as i did a mystery shop assignment in priceline so the money i got to spend in store paid for them!

ok here we go!

First up is a couple of essie polishes. i have never owned any before but have always wanted to get the matte about you polish. so when i went to Myer and they had a little gift pack with a matte about you and a polish(the blue-bobbing for baubles polish) and a nail file for a price of $17.95 i jumped at the chance! then when i got to the till there was 30% off so i got both for $13.00!!! then i brought a clearance polish called waltz as it was a sheer finish and thought it would be good for sandwiches. that one was only $9.45.

These next 3 colours above are from priceline.  this savvy brand is only $2.99 a bottle and the quality for the money is great! the hot pink needed only 2 coats and i did not have to put white under it to get a good neon effect! the blue glitter is really close to a revlon polish so for $2.99 i was more than happy.

This polish above i was so happy with and i wish they had more but no joy. i got this CK polish from Trade secret for $4.95 it is a real dark vampy red with gold shimmer through and i love it!

These Essence polishes ended up being my freebies due to a mystery shopping assignment i had to do at priceline. the colours from left to right are- just the nude of us,brightmates,its two bright and we are all bright. Honestly thought apart from the pink and blue ones. i was quite dissapointed with them. the shimmer even though look different are not. they all look the same on the nail :( except for the greeny one. plus compared to the mini bottles for $2.55 these are $5.50 each. i will wear the pink an blue with other neons though!

Next up is a couple more essence polishes i got from priceline in penrith. I wanted a pink jelly and this was the nearest i could find. called sweet as candy.  the 50s girl one is called love me tender.

These 2 polishes above are a custom made polish from jenna ar lacquistry. I wanted an ozzie polish so she made me southern cross with white bars,blue and red hex and white stars. this looks great on revlons royal polish! the other polish is one that i wanted called back on the dwarf. i wanted a red dwarf polish and she did it for me! red hex for the dwarf and some silver hex for the stars and in black for the vastness of space!

Last up is 4 ozotic polishes that i brought from picture polish. they are deleting the ozotic range so i made sure i grabbed a few that i wanted. they are509,534,528 and 505 the last 3 all match so well together. I have 3 more on order and am waiting for them to arrive!

I think next month i am going to have a polish free month. and i so need to go through my polishes and have a sale!!! so keep an eye out on my blog sale page.

Swatches will be following when i get an hour or so to do them!

Tara :)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Jamies post with her prizes!

Hello everyone, as you may or may not know Jamie won my giveaway a few weeks ago. she go sea creature by the hungry asian, a bottle of max factor fantasy fire,a polish rig i made and a bottle of radioactive a franken i created. today she has swatched these polishes and posted on her blog Here.

Here is one of her pictures! She has such lovely long nails! so much better than mine to show off polish!

The ring i made i have started selling. I am charging $15.00 per ring and all the rings are silver plated and really good quality.
I am happy to do requests for a specific colour or design.

The franken polish i am thinking of selling as a limited edition polish. I am not 100% how much i will charge .i need to work out my costs etc but if anyone is interested just email me on osirisandloki at gmail dot com. it is all about getting the spectraflair etc.

Thanks again jamie for sharing your winnings!!!
Tara :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Adventure time Nails!

Zoe loves Adventure time!

 She obsessed with the show. She has the figures and DVD. So when she asked me to paint her nails like Adventure time i thought...OMG this is going to take AGES!!!!!!!
then i had an idea. well actually it was not my idea as such , i saw it on More Nail Polish ..using tempory tattoo paper to print and them put on nails.

I downloaded this picture.

and printed it real small on some paper. then cut out some tattoo paper to fit the image, stuck it on the paper and ran it through the printer again. This way i did not waste any of the tattoo paper.

I then cut out a bunch of the characters, put 3 coats of a silver holo on Zoes nails and let them dry.
Once dry i put the images on her nails and followed the instructions as per packet for the tattoos. trimmed etc the excess and here are the results.
I have to say this would be much easier on adult nails as Zoes are so small!!!!

 And here is a pic of each finger.

(Ok Zoe does not only have 9 fingers!LOL but she has a double up of Finn on 2 fingers so i did not bother photographing it twice.)

I got the tattoo paper on ebay for $7.00 a sheet and free shipping so not a big outlay when you think of sally hansen foil effects are $14.00. and you can do what ever you like. I think i am going to do a xmas scene for yulefest this week.

Tara :)