Saturday, January 31, 2015

Stamp- A - Palooza Starts Tomorrow!!!!!!!

It is time!!!!!!!!
STAMP-A-PALOOZA is upon us!!!!!! Make sure you check in every day for tutorials comparisons and everything stamping related. 

Also we will be having discount codes for lots of brands and some specials as well!!!!!!

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See you soon!!!!!
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OPI 50 Shades of Grey Collection Swatches

*Press Sample

Hi there everyone! Today I am lucky enough to share with you the new OPI 50 shades of grey collection.

This collection is totally amazing!!! I was not 100% convinced when I read OPI was going to do this collection but they totally pulled it off!!!
In the collection are 3 amazing greys a great silver, glitter silver/gold and an tomato red.

All the cremes were only 2 coats, The silver was 3 coats and the glitter was also 3 coats. Formula was great with every one.

Lets check them out.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Orly Sugar High Collection Swatches.

*Press Sample

Hi there everyone, 
Today I have 2 swatches from the new Orly Sugar High Collection.

This new collection consists of 6 beautiful colours. I am lucky enough to have the 2 mauve shades to show you!

Both polishes were opaque in 3 thin coats. The formula is quite thin but it is pigmented enough to get good coverage on the nail.

First up is Sweet Dreams. This is a beige mauve polish with an amazing pinky purple shimmer.
In the sun the shimmer is amazing. It was super hard to capture but mark my word you won't be disappointed.



Candy Shop- is a beautiful mauve creme. This colour can become opaque in just 2 coats, tho I used 3 thin coats for my swatches. The colour is amazing and in the shade as you can see below the colour looks a lot deeper. I loved how it looked different in shade and sun. A lovely surprise!!!



I also decided to do a little nail art! I got some iridescent holo foils and places over the colour then added some holographic studs and a crystal bow. I loved the shimmery effect.

You can purchase the new collection over at Orly Beauty RRP $18.95 each or at many leading pharmacies. Make sure you keep up to date on all the amazing Orly products over at Facebook or Twitter Im hoping to find the rest of the collection. and when I do ill make sure I will share here!!!

Until next time.......
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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A SensatioNail Summer Tutorial.

*Sponsored Post

Hi there Everyone!!!! Today I have some great nail art for you with a little tutorial. 
Summer is here and if you are like me, you will love bright colours on your nails for summer. So today I am using SensatioNail Gel polish for this mani. 

 SensatioNail Have just released 5 new colours for summer and boy oh boy they are bright and awesome!!!! With all  SensatioNail Gel polishes they take only 1 min to cure under LED lamp and their top coat only takes 30 seconds. and their gel will last up to 2 weeks with out chips!

OK! So lets check out what we need to recreate this summer fun manicure.

Flower Nail art.

We will need- 
*  SensatioNail LED lamp
*  SensatioNail gel polish in - Teenie Bikini, Cabana Boy, Beat the Heat, Ride the Wave, Sun Kissed, White Lily and Glitter Silver.
*  SensatioNail Base/Top coat
SensatioNail primer
*  SensatioNail cleanser
* Lint free wipes
*Acetone based nail polish remover.
* Black stamping polish (I used one from the Nail Stamping Queen)
* Stamping plate (Messy Mansion number20)
*stamper and scraper (i use an old store card as my scraper)
* fine paint brush
*nail Aprons (i used lokis nail vinyl ones)

You can change the brand of stamper or plate to any pattern really and recreate this effect with  SensatioNail gel polish.

Step 1-  Prep your nails with the primer. Place one coat of base coat and cure for 30 seconds. 
Paint a coat of lily white. Cure 1 minute. Repeat.

Step 2-  With the lint free wipe and acetone, quickly wipe off the sticky layer from your gel nails. This gives the stamping polish a base to adhere too. If you do not wipe the sticky layer your stamping will smudge.

Step 3 - Once you have cleaned your nails, place your nail aprons around your nails and cuticle. This is not essential as you can clean up the excess stamping with acetone, but I like to use the aprons so I don't have to worry about clean up. You can also use masking tape or even liquid latex to do the same thing.

Step 4- With the black stamping polish, stamp your nails with the flower pattern. You will need to work quick as the stamping polish will dry quickly. this is why its great to use with gel polish as it will not react when another coat goes over it.

Step 5- Remove nail aprons. If there is any excess black stamping polish clean it up with a small brush and acetone. Paint 1 coat of  SensatioNail top coat on and cure for 30 sec. Wipe off the sticky layer.

Step 6- With a fine brush carefully paint the flowers leaves with different coloured gels.
As a tip I try and paint all of one colour on all the nails then flash cure for 10 seconds. Then I move onto the next colour.

**Did you know that if you don't have the colour you need to paint your nails you can mix 2 different SensatioNail colours to create a new colour!
I mixed Teenie Bikini and Ride the Wave to make the purple you see in my manicure!!! 

Step 7-  Once all the colours are on cure for the full 1 minute. Then lightly paint a very fine coat of the glitter silver over the pattern. Cure for 1 min.

Step 8- Finally, pop on a top coat, cure 30 sec and wipe off sticky residue.

Here is the final result!

What do you think?? It is great for a summer manicure and it gives a great effect! Plus it will last for up to 2 weeks. If you are after a more subtle effect why not try some other  SensatioNail gel colours??!

You can pick up the complete range of  SensatioNail online or at Priceline. Prices start from $19.95 a bottle but keep your eye out on some great offers that  SensatioNail have on their Facebook page  Plus if you go online you can use the code LOKI20  for 20% off all of their products!

Make sure you like them over at Instagram as well!

Until next time........
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Monday, January 19, 2015

Fire Inspired Nail Art For Day 19

Hi there everyone! Todays challenge is Fire. So I was going to do the basic fire as in flames on my nails but then I thought I would get out a classic polish from 2012.....Yep....the black crackle polish!!!!
So together with OPI over and over a Gwen, Hot and Spicy and I Just Cope-acabana, I did a trio of gradient then topped off my mani with OPI black crackle!

I actually do not mind the finished result. It reminds me a little of lava!

What do you think? is black crackle going to make a comeback *giggles* No I don't think so but I will forever keep it just in case!!!

Make sure you check out everyone else's mani's for today!

Until next time.......
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Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Starry Night painting manicure.

Hi there everyone!!!
So I have finally caught up!!! yeah!!! and today's challenge was the theme Artwork. I decided on going with Vincent van Gogh The Starry Night. This is an amazing picture plus it is used in Doctor Who so Its a double whammy for me!!!

Here is the painting.

 Stunning right?!?

I decided to use a base of Essie Avenue Maintain then paint over that with acrylics the painting. It took me 3 hours (with a few interruptions from children) to paint them. they I popped on a top coat of Seche Vite.
I am so happy on how they came out!

I hope you love these as much as I do!!!!

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Until next time....
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Recreate a Mani by a Blogger Challenge.

Hi there everyone!
So another catch up post. This was for day 17...yesterday. The challenge was to replicate another bloggers manicure. So I chose a recent mani by @ohmygoshpolish  She did a rainbo neon french tip mani the other day and I thought it was super pretty. Plus I had the polishes she used by Pipe Dream Polish, so I figured why not?!

Here is a pic of her mani.

credit to- @ohmygoshpolish 

I grabbed the A night in Vegas cremes that were used for this mani and replicated it as best I could. It was actually an interesting experience as no matter how many coats of the neons I could not get the intensity the same as the pic I was referencing to. I used a white base and sponged with the same type of make up sponges. I have come to the conclusion that the image that is above has had the saturation dialed up or a filter used, it has to be the only explanation.
Anyways here is my attempt of the same mani.

As you can see they are still quite bright but this is 3 coats of the polish over white base. and I did dial up the saturation a little to get a similar effect to the pic I was recreating. 

Make sure you check out everyone else's mani's in the challenge

Until next time.....
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Tranquillity with Celestial Cosmetics Moon Glow

Hi everyone! so another catch up post. this time for the 16th which was Tranquillity. So I took a bottle of the new Celestial Cosmetics  moon glow and their stamping polish in pitch and snow.
plus a stamping plate but I cannot remember who it was by. I thought the ying and yang plis the dandylions were a good combo of peace and the reminder of a slight wind in the spring. plus the pale pink is so calming!

Make sure you check every one else's mani's today

Until next time........
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Its a Celestial Cosmetic catch up.

Hi there everyone!! I'm on a bit of a catch up from the past few days and I have the challenge for day 15 which was "use a green base" so I grabbed my bottle of Celestial Cosmetics Comet Lulin and used 2 coats. then stamped with a messy mansion plate.

A lovely mermaid mani!!!!

Make sure you check out everyone else's manis too!!!!

Until next time.......
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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Celestial Cosmetics Solar Flare nail art.

Hi there everyone! well yesterdays theme was holographic so I grabbed one of the brand new stunning polishes from Celestial Cosmetics called solar flare. which was released only a few weeks ago!
Then I chose to stamp on it with Celestial cosmetics Callisto and used Messy mansions stamping plate number MM29

I love the final result!

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until next time......
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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Stamping flowers with Nail stamping queen

Hi there everyone, another catch up mani!! This time it is the theme, inspired from Pinterest. I had a good look and this card caught my eye.
So I grabbed my bottle of go to black Ulta3 black satin then Bundle monster plate BM205 and Nail Stamping Queen stamping polish Hot purple and sky blue.

I love how it turned out!!!
Make sure you check out everyone elses manis!
Until tomorrow......

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Marvel Film Cell Nails

Hi there everyone! well I am getting a little slack really :( I am now 3 days behind the nail art challenge but I assure you all Ill be sharing a few manis over the next few days plus with any luck some new swatches of the new Orly collection. 
But today I am sharing the 12th Jan nail art challenge. The theme is Film. And as I am a huge Marvel fan I just had to do some more Marvel nails!!! So I painted my nails white then hand painted the film cells on.I coloured the background with Moonstone Nail Polish Hysteria. Lastly I made some water decals of all my fav marvel movies and popped them on.

make sure you check out everyone elses manis too!!!

Until tomorrow......
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