Wednesday, October 31, 2012

this is halloween last day of the challenge

so this is the last day of the challenge, abd we have to re create our fav nails through otu the challenge.
Well my fav nails would have to be these over at Nana nails
they are so awesome i jsut have to keep looking at them.
Me i am so crap at water marble i painted on my white lines but you get the idea. this was for the graveyard challenge...a watery grave!!!

as you can see they are no where near as good as naomis nails but i gave it a go!

dont forget to check out every one elses nails today

Tara :)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

this is halloween nail art challenge- trick or treat

So today is all about trick or treat. and what better way to celebrate this great part of halloween than to paint my nails an array of festive colours for halloween. i made myself up a bottle of halloweeny coloured glitter and painted my nails with it using chia glaze riveting as √ľndies

I will be sporting ths now till i have to do tomorrows challenge.

do not forget to check out every one elses nails for today

Tara :)

Monday, October 29, 2012

This is halloween challenge.....graveyard.

so graveyard thats a hard one. but with some trusty tattoo papers and clipart i go myself a graveyard!!!

do not forget to check out every one elses halloween nails!!!!

Tara :)

Friday, October 26, 2012

this is halloween nail art challenge- witches

Today is witches, and when everyone thinks of witches they think of one witch in particular..... the wicked witch of the west.......

And what a great musical it was....wicked! i went and saw it in sydney when i was 7 months pregnant with poppy. and apart from the fact i REALLY wanted one of the flashy light cocktails...which of course i could not have....the show was just fantastic!  and in the original movie the wizard of oz you cannot go past the stripe socks! i so wish i had a pair!!

here are my nails inspired by this famous witch.....

i used striping tape with this but maybe it was because it was crap cheap stuff from ebay but it did not work too well so i had to touch up. then i wanted to stamp a hat from my bundle monster plates but that was not wanting to work either!! so i painted it free hand instead.

not too bad.

dont forget to check out every ones else's nails!!!

Tara :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Introducing Loki's Lacquer happy holidays 2012 collection.

so i have finally got together and sorted out my bottle issue, and now have printed professional labels too..thanks to my brother who works with vinyl!
I now would love to introduce to you my new collection for christmas 2012.......

Happy holidays 2012.

First up is....... 3 Wise Men.

This is a combo of fine copper flecks,square gold glitter,brown hex and irridescent square glitter in a clear base. 
I made this to look like gold,frankincense and myrrh.

1 coat over white and black polish in the sun and shade

Next is....... A little bit of magic. 

When i made this polish it really reminded me of the colours from the northern lights, they are just so magical.
There is fine flecks of red,blue green and aqua in this polish.

1 coat over black and white polish. in shade and sun.

 Our third polish is...... O'stary night.

I love blue for Christmas and this is why i made this polish. I wanted to get the idea of a clear night sky as santa rides his sleigh through.
The polish is a navy blue shimmer base with navy blue hex and tiny white diamond glitter to create the effect of stars.

This is in shade and sun over black polish. 1 coat.

My fourth polish is a fantastic explosion of holographic goodness.

I have named it....... Tinsel.

I made this to use as either a top coat or just by itself. There is several sizes in holographic pigment and glitter in this polish .

These are over black and white polish one coat.

My second last polish of the collection i made really as an ode to my 2 girls.

It is called..... Trimming the tree.

 I do not know about your children but my kids always seem to just dump all the decorations onto the tree at once and it looks a jumbled mess. i am a bit particular with my Christmas tree so it drives me mad!

This polish is a mix of many different sizes of matte hex and squares all in christmas colours with a sprinkling of holo glitter too.
It just looks like the mess on my tree! I will need to swatch over green cause it looks great but for today i only have it over black and white.

this is one coat over black and white polish in shade and sun.

This  last polish is for me...depicts Christmas. you cannot go past red green and gold as traditional Christmas colours. I have made a glitter bomb of these colours in all sizes to be used as a topper or just by themselves.

I have named this polish..... Merry Christmas!

1 coat over white and black polish in sun and shade.

So i hope you love this collection as much as i do.

All these polishes can be found on my etsy shop LOKI'S LACQUER. I now have international shipping set up for everyone.

All the Christmas polishes will be available till the 31st december 2012 then they will retire. Though i may keep a couple if they are popular enough.

Also do not forget that my 2 halloween polishes are still available in my shop as well.

smashing jack


Tara :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

this is halloween nail art challenge- Gradients

So today is gradients. i was not 100% sure what i was going to do for this but i then thought why not do a candy corn gradient.
 here is a pic of candy corn if you have never seen it.

and i got a bit carried awat and totally did my candy corn the wrong way round but het it is still a gradient!

Yum candy corn!!!!

dont forget to check out every one else's nails in the challenge.

Tara :)