Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Celestial cosmetics April LE Swatches

Hi there everyone!!!! Today I have the April LE from  Celestial cosmetics.
This is based on the birthstone for April which is diamond. The polish is super sparkly with silver holo microglitters as well as white and silver flakies in a shimmery base.
I tried to capture the holo effect but it was so hard to get crazy hard!!!!

The pics are of 3 thin coats with a seche vite top coat as I wanted a smooth finish.


The April LE is available only for the month of April 2015 and there is only a single batch made, so when it goes thats it forever!!!!!

The LE is $11.00AUD and can be purchased from 1st April at Celestial cosmetics

Until next time......

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Monday, March 30, 2015

Celestial cosmetics The Land of the Fae Collection Swatches and Review

*Press sample

Hi there everyone!!!!!!
Today I have a fantastic Collection to share with you all! It is Celestial cosmetics 2nd birthday this month and they are kicking things off with an awesome collection of polishes.

The Land of the Fae Collection is a collection of 7 polishes all as amazing as the next!!!

Formula on all of these were great and I used 2 coats for each polish with a base coat and Celestial cosmetics solar rays as a top coat.

Lets check them out.........


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

OPI DS Original and a dupe worth buying.

Hi there everyone!
Today is one of my fav polishes. OPI DS Original. This has become a very hard to find polish over the past few years, but I was lucky enough to find a bottle...or two when dusty hunting at an old salon a while back. 
I wish OPI did holographic polishes again. its truly amazing really it is. A pale lilac holo is stunning. its a sheer formula so 3 coats were needed. 
check it out!!!

Stunning right?!?

Well if you cannot find this amazing polish. never fear. I was going through my pretties and found that Celestial Cosmetics sell a polish called Solar Flare. It is also a pale lilac exactly the same shade. The holo finish is not as good but still its pretty close. Plus its only a 2 coat polish and a lot cheaper and available!!!!

Check it out!

So if you want your DS Original fix this I think will be the closest you will get.

Until next time.......

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

OPI Hawaiian Collection Comparison Swatches.

Hi there everyone!
So today I have some comparison swatches from the OPI Hawaiian collection to share today.

I went through my collection of OPI's to see if there were any dupe in this new collection and although several were very similar no exact dupes.

Lets check them out.

Red Comparisons

 As you can see that Aloha from OPI is more orangy red than the other two. so no dupes here :) tho their may be dupes with the other two!!!


 Pink Comparisons 
 Both pinks are very similar but not exactly the same pink friday is slightly darker.


 Purple Comparisons
 No dupes here!!!!



Orange Comparisons

 Both are really similar but in the shade you can see that where did suzis mango? is slightly darker.


Green Comparisons 
No dupes here either!!! 


Beige Comparisons

No dupes here with the beige's.

I hope this has been helpful if you wondered if there are any dupes.

Until next time........

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

OPI Hawaiian Collection Swatches and Review.

*Press Sample.

Hi there everyone! Today I have the new OPI Hawaiian Collection to share with you all.
This collection was released a little while back in the USA but only last month here in Oz. There are 12 colours in the collection and a good variety of colours. Formula was great with all of them, tho the bright green and blue were a little sheer and needed 3 coats rather than the usual 2 coats. Also the green and blue can be layered over black which i will share today also.
I have done some comparison swatches with other OPI colours looking for dupes and I will be sharing this in a separate post.

Lets check them out......


Friday, March 13, 2015

Pretty Serious Cosmetics Naileontology collection swatches.

*Press Sample.

Hi there everyone!!! today I have the new trio released last week by Pretty Serious Cosmetics

Pretty Serious Cosmetics are starting a new range of rare and beautiful polishes....... it will be called the Museum of Naileontology.  

image from Every Little Polish.

That kind of explains it right?! I mean we are talking Pretty Serious quirky polish aren't we !!

OK so so far there are 3 in the collection. These 3 are amazing in their own right purely for the fact they are all 2 coaters, awesome colours and to top it off are what i would call a "shout out"to old and discontinued polishes which are no more.


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Fedoraharp Welcome to Tomorrowland Collection Swatches.

*Press Sample.

Hi there everyone!!! today I have a new brand called Fedoraharp They were kind enough to contact me about their new collection called Welcome to Tomorrowland as it was inspired by Futurama and As I had released a Futurama collection a few years back they wanted to make sure it was OK. Of course I said yes!! The more Futurama polishes out there the better I say!!!!

So I was sent the collection to swatch along with some others from her core range (we shall see those in a later post.) The colours in the Welcome to Tomorrowland Collection are awesome, and match well with the inspiration. I love it when a polish matches the inspiration of the name. I get really annoyed when brands just slap a name on any old polish because they know it will sell and no consideration goes into the colour choices.


Monday, March 9, 2015

Dance Legend Boo swatches

Hi there everyone! Today I have a quick post on an amazing polish. It is called Boo and is from Dance Legend The polishes this brand releases are truly amazing and I was gutted to find out that they are currently shut due to postal issues :( I really want all of their new collections and I cannot order them so its killing me :'( But today I am a little cheered up because of this beauty!
I swatched this over my black gel polish. 2 coats was perfect to see the amazing Duochrome.


The whole collection is simply stunning. I just love the copper colour of it.

You can get the whole collection over at  Dance Legend  when they re open their shop. until them check out their online resellers for a bottle or two.

Until next time.......
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Friday, March 6, 2015

Celestial Cosmetics March Release Swatches and review.

*Press Sample.

Hi there everyone!!! Today I have the March release of polishes from Celestial Cosmetics. I have 6 polishes to share with you, including the March LE polish.

With all of these polishes I used a base coat and Solar Ray top coat from Celestial Cosmetics.
I used 2 coats with all of these polishes with the exception of Vega Sparks, and I used 3 coats for those swatches.


Thursday, March 5, 2015

Glittering Elements This is Silent Hill Collection Swatches and review.

*Press Sample.

Hi there everyone! Today I have some pretty polishes from Glittering Elements. These were sent to me for swatching a little while ago and I have finally been able to get them posted ,what with stamp-a-palooza last month going on etc.

The collection is called The Welcome to Silent Hill collection. I comprises of  5 polishes all with a scattered holo finish. I have 4 of these to share with you today.
Formula wise all the polishes were the same, I used 2-3 coats for each colour and seche vite as top coat. Top coat is needed for there polishes as without it the colours are not as glossy.


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

combining the use of at home gel kits with acrylic powder to make your nails extra durable

Hi there everyone!
Today I have a Great little technique I use when my poor nails are starting to get a little sad and sorry...and they start to get weak and break.

Acryigel is a work that has been thrown about a year now. I first saw the technique over at the Chickettes blog and knew that I had to give it a go!!!

My nails are weak. always have been, no matter what i eat take or put on them they have always been bendy, and when you want to ensure good neat nails for swatching something has to be done. 
I have had acrylics before and the cost of infilling them over time is a big cost that I could not afford, so I have always tried to be careful with me nails. But having 2 special needs kids...well nails are the least of your worries when trying to catch a 4 yr old jumping off something she should not be.......

So I have the gel/acrylic method a go. Its great! I have the strength of acrylic plus the ease of soaking them off like gel. What more can you ask for!!!!

Here is a video on how to apply. I will pop some pointer under the video.

So tips of a successful application.
  • Ensure you have clean dry nails to start.
  • Use a primer or bonder to get your nails dry and ready for application. I found by skipping this step the gel started to lift after a few days wear.
  • Make sure you pour the acrylic powder on your nail well. keep pouring over all the sides etc until it does not look "wet"any more. 
  • If you have a split in your nail, pop a silk wrap on the split first before applying the acrylic powder.
  • Once cured make sure you buff smooth and wipe off any loose acrylic. this will ensure a smooth top coat.
  • Don't be afraid to buff the top coat and re apply if the TC did not apply perfectly smooth.
  • Make sure after you have your acrylic/gel on your nails you only use acetone free polish remover. or your gel will lift. I use sally Hansen acetone free fast and gentle remover. It is the best one I found to work and not affect my gel.

I hope you have found this post and video helpful. It is a god send to make your nails strong when they are not.

Until next time......

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