Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Essence Play with my mint swatches

*Press Sample.

Hi there everyone! today I have a pretty polish from Essence to share with you all.
I'm a huge fan of pastels that are not quite pastels, and this polish is exactly that! 
Play with my mint is a pretty mint green that still has that bright colour to it. The polish was opaque in only 2 coats and ha a awesome shine to it when it dried.



I decided to do a little nail art with the colour so I thought I'd try dots with Ulta3 Black satin.

You can purchase Essence at Priceline, Target and you can also purchase online at The Heat Group for $2.75 each.

Until next time.....
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Monday, September 28, 2015

Ulta 3 Gel look polish swatches

*Press Sample.

Hi there everyone! 
Today I have to share with you 2 new polishes from Ulta3. 
Ulta3 have brought out a new collection of gel look polishes. I have been sent 2 for review.

Firstly I love the new look of the bottles they are similar to cult nails and the old Nails Inc bottles. I was sent Black velvet and Bleeding Heart.
Both polishes I only needed one coat on my nails plus I chose not to use a top coat to show how shiny the polish was by itself.

Black velvet was a thick black creme. The one coat was more than enough for opaqueness and it created a thick and gel like look on my nails. Pretty impressive for the $3.95 they sell for!



Bleeding Heart  is a deep red polish. I used only one coat to show how opaque the polish is but I may have used 2 coats really to ensure more of a gel look effect. This is a real vampy colour and if you see this in the store grab a bottle as I think this colour will go quick!



The Ulta 3 gel look polishes are available from  your local chemist for $3.95 each. Also check out places like Big W and Target as sometimes they have displays. 

Until next time........
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Friday, September 25, 2015

Color4Nails & Celestial Cosmetics Stamping Polish Review

*Press Sample.

Hi there everyone!!!!
today I have a very special post for you all. I am excited to announce that my favourite brand Celestial Cosmetics  is collaborating with Color4nails  to create a new set of stamping polishes that are 5 free and opaque when stamping over dark and light colours.

I was sent the collection for review so I figured I would test them over white and black polish. Lets check out the dark colours first....

From left to right the colours are Cordelia (neon pink), Versilia (peach) Melina (yellow) and pearl (white). 

Left to right- Camelia (lilac) Midori (green). The red and dark purple did not stamp over black so i mixed on the stamping plate a little of the white (pearl) stamping polish which made the 2 colour opaque. you can check out how to do this HERE.

I also stamped the polishes over white too to show the darker colours.

Left to right- Melina (yellow), Versilia (peach), Cordelia (neon pink) Midori (green)

The darker colours left to right- Amethyst (purple) Viridian(blue) Onyx (black) crimson (red)

All the polishes were thick in consistency but not too thick. The opaqueness was great and I got a good clean pick up on the 3 different stampers ( rectangle marshmallow, creative stamper and clear jelly stamper)  I tried and the 2 different stamping plates (born pretty, He He)

I also did a few quick nail art designs using the stamping polishes with layering to show that they are also opaque over each other.

Ok.... So how can you get your pinkies on these new stamping polishes?? 

Well..... they are getting released on the 26th September 10am ACST through Celestial Cosmetics  and also  Color4nails they will be in 9 ml bottle and will retail for $7 each.

so mark your calendar and make sure your quick in purchasing them as I reckon they will sell fast!!!!! 
Until next time.......
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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Celestial Cosmetics September LE Swatches.

Hi there everyone!
Today I have the September LE from Celestial Cosmetics.  This month is all about the September birthstone which is Sapphire .

So with that in mind the September LE polish is a beautiful blue holographic which is opaque in 2 coats.





The September LE is available now over at Celestial Cosmetics for $12.00 each. But be quick as this polish is only available for the month of September and then it will be gone!

Don't forget to also check out Celestial Stars on Facebook also and join to get all the info on polish release, specials, and exclusives to the group.
If you are not in Australia make sure you check out the stockist page for where you can get your polish.

Until next time.....
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Monday, September 21, 2015

Essence Nudes Collection swatches.

*Press Sample.

Hi there everyone!!!! Today I have some pretty new polishes from Essence.

Essences are regularly releasing new colours in their collection. Their new "gel look" polishes are really great and the top coat that was released is amazing! it dries super quick and makes your nails really shiny.  
The nudes collection they have released are a a collection of 4 polishes. I have 3 to share with you today. 

First up is I Nude It. The polish is a cream colour and the formula was great. It was opaque in 2 coats and I had no streak lines either.



Next up is I'm Lost in you. This is what I would call a beige/tan colour. It has a slight orange hue to the colour. The formula was great and opaque in 2 coats. I really like this colour. It would be an awesome work shade.



Cupcake Topping is a bar glitter topper the glitter comprises of silver and pinky coloured metallic bar glitter and tiny pink hexagonal glitter. I am not a big fan on bar glitter but this is not too bad as its so fine.
I used one coat over both I nude it and I'm lost in you.

You can purchase Essences in many places here in oz. Check out Priceline, Target and your local chemist. Also you can purchase Essence over at The Heat Group  The polishes retail for $3.70 each.

Until next time......

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Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Iron Mask swatch

Hi there everyone! Today I have a pretty polish that was made for my from the lovely Nicki from Celestial Cosmetics.  The polish is part of a duo that was made based on Ironman.

The Iron Mask is a pretty yellow metallic polish with red glitter in several different sizes. It took just two coats for opacity.
I did need to use Seche vite for a top coat and the polish dried a little rough but that was due to the glitter.

I love this polish!!!!!

Celestial Cosmetics do not always do customs but If you contact Nicki she may be able to give you a quote.  

That being said make sure you check out ALL of her amazing polishes over at Celestial Cosmetics and also check out Celestial Stars over on facebook and join to learn about all the polishes, exclusives and sales!

Until next time......
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Thursday, September 10, 2015

A day at Beauty Expo Australia Sydney

Hi there everyone!!!!!
So a few weeks back I was lucky enough to go to the Beauty Expo Australia here in Sydney.
I went last year too, so was excited to check out what was on offer this year. Especially as I am currently doing my Certificate II in Nail Technology at TAFE. 

I had a few big expectations this year. Mainly because I wanted to get a good gauge for nail products, wholesale prices and suppliers for when I start my own business next year. Some of the things I wanted to check out were Acrylic suppliers, Gel suppliers, Nail polish suppliers including the main brands out their like OPI, Orly, China Glaze etc. Gel polishes, and basic suppliers like nail files, acetone, and other items a nail tech uses on a daily basis.

I had a good walk round, when you first enter I got very excited cause there was Inglot at the front. I had a good look about but unfortunately there were no polishes available. I was a little gutted cause I looove Inglot and their polishes.

As I walked through the show I did notice that a lot of the exhibitors from last year were not there this year. There were a lot of places offering eyelash extensions and also lots of places selling eyebrow stuff. I had to chuckle to my self cause every year there seems to be a "fad" and this year it was those two things. Last year it was fake tan. they were everywhere!!!

Switch Funky was my next port of call. They are a great wholesaler who sell an array of brands like Color Club, Artistic and IBX to name a few. 

The display area was smaller this year. and only one demo going on. I totally wanted to see the latest Color Club collections but they did not have them in stock at the show, so I ordered them to be delivered to my house (i'm still waiting.....) and when they arrive I will do a review of the oil slick collection for you all.

They also had a good offer of buy 5 get one free which i took advantage off and "may"have brought a few hundred dollars of Color Club.

They also had a small range of Ruby Wing to purchase.

I was keen to check out a few other brands and one of the places on my list to check out was International Beauty Supply. They have a great range of OPI and I wanted to grab the new OPI paints to play with. They also had some classing collections from the past few years as well as the new Venice collection too. I brought they whole paints collection plus 12 other OPI I was missing and some new infinite shine polishes to road test on the blog.

It was cool to also check out the nail comps going on during the day. Nailympia was on while I was there so I watched the ladies create quick and amazing nails. 

It was great to see that Morgan Taylor was available to check out. They are now affiliated with Gelish so were on the Gelish stand. The core range is to die for, tho I would have liked to see the newer collections there.

Geilsh also had a acrylic range available. I was not aware that they sold acrylic so I took a few pics to share. Gelish gel range I have always loved but now I know they sell Acrylic I think I would love to try it too.

Bio sculpture and CND were also at the expo. I was hoping that IBD would be there this year but no such luck. It is interesting the difference between this year and last year. Last year it was all about gel polish every second stand seemed to be selling it. this year not so much. for a nail person like myself it was disappointing. I had a lot of cash to spend on different products to set my business up but I hardly spent anything at all. I think maybe $300? if that. I would loe to see more nail related brands next year. Orly was a big one I missed. Their products are awesome and i think there was a big gap this year with them not here.

I did love the fact that Moyou london was there promoting nail dont see stamping a lot at wholesalers apart from konad so it was great to see them there. Their were however promoting their water based polishes which I thought was a little weird as this was a trade show and not really for kids, which the water based polish is aimed for.

It was great to see Faby at the expo again this year. I love their polishes and only discovered them last year at the show. I took a few pics and also checked out their gel polishes. The stand was smaller than last year, which I noticed with pretty much all of the stands this year. But check out the newer collections! I may have to make an order??? what do you think??

Young Nails had a big presence again at the expo. It was great to chat to the people there and learn about their acrylic products and get some samples to trial at home.
They also had caption too at the show which is their  long lasting polish collection.

The show was great to walk about. I have to admit that this year I found the stand did not share the latest collections of products available. I go to the show to check out new brands and see what is coming out new. but I did not find that this year. Which is a little sad as I know that YOU my readers want to know whats coming out in australia.
I also found that the variety of brands were not at the show. No Orly, China Glaze, ibd, indigo to name but a few who were there last year. And I think it showed in the number of people who were at the expo. It was quite easy to get around unlike last year where it was rammed. I was looking forward to the south african presence at the show but I found it hard to find the brands involved. and no polish either, which was a shame as there are some great brands from south aftrica.

I never found any places who sold nail files or any "basic" items a nail tech needs on a daily basis. Im hoping once the expo returns to darling harbour this will improve. 
Glebe Island is not my favourite or places to get too. I drove and It was $25 to park before 10am. I would have caught the train but i cant do buses or boats due to my motion sickness, so I had to drive.

I am looking forward to next year tho and I will attend either on a press pass or as a tech, even tho there was not the variety as the previous years, I got to learn a great deal chatting to different people and I did managed to get some polish!!!!

I hope you have enjoyed my visit to the Beauty Expo Australia 2015. Over the next few weeks I will be reviewing the products I purchased that day.

Posting has been a bit slow of late but I have been having to study for TAFE (college) exams which are on last week and the next 2 weeks. 
I have over 30 polishes sitting here to be swatched so stay tuned for some great pics and swatches soon!!!!!

Until next time........
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