Saturday, August 29, 2015

Indie Polish Brands That I know and Trust Part 1

Hi there everyone!!!!  Well...what a huge week it has been!!!! What with all the goings on in the nail polish community I thought rather than focus on the negatives I would focus on the positives!!  I'm not going to address any of the goings on. If you need to know please just google Mentality Nail polish and i'm sure after reading stuff for a few hours you will get the drift!

Anyways I would love to share with everyone my favourite indie brands.
I think some people may have lost a little confidence in indies over the past few weeks, but I'm here to say FEAR NOT!!!! there are a plethora of amazing indie brands out there with awesome customer service and a high quality product!!!!

So lets get started!!!!
My number one favourite indie brand would have to be.......CELESTIAL COSMETICS
I have been purchasing Celestials polishes since they started out a few years back. I love everyone I own...and I own over 150 of them so that says a lot I think!!! and not two of them are alike!!!
Nicki the owner has amazing customer service and all my orders are prompt and wrapped well. If there is an issues of any kind she is quick to respond and fix it. Her holographic polishes are to die for and I think thats why I love them so much!!!



on your left.

My next Favourite brand would have to be PRETTY SERIOUS COSMETICS I actually own every polish pretty serious have released so far a total of 103 (not including the new collection that just got released)
 From the moment that I saw them I was in love. I cant get enough of the perfect coverage every time and the amazing cremes they produce. I love Kaz and her quirky take of everything. she is a gal after my own heart! so every time she releases a collection i am excited to see what its been named!! My parcels are always delivered quickly and there is always a personal thanks hand written, I do love that purple tissue paper when I open that box of polish!!!!

the pink one

 eye of copernicus

invitation only

Next on the list of brands I love is LYNNDERELLA Its funny cause a little over 18 months ago I owned very few of this brand. I was not the fan I am today, but now I own over 100 Lynnderellas and I personally love the amazing coverage her glitters give. I always get fantastic service from Paul and Lynderella and whenever I ask a question they are always quick to reply. My parcels come well packed and quickly.
 Its not a brand you hear a lot about these days on the nail forums but as one of the founding boutique indie brands their product has not wavered.

mostly ghostly

torrid as her glance

eight maids minting

christmas in july

My next brand would have to be EMILY DE MOLLY I have over the years purchased a bunch of hayleys brand and now also I pretty much own all of her stamping plates too!!! Every time I get an order with Emily de Molly I find that the polish is excellent and rarely needs more than 2 coats. They are always packed well and sent quickly.
 The holographics are amazing and recently her duochrome flakie collection was just stunning!


on edge


Lastly for part one, I cannot go past FEMME FATALE COSMETICS 
This brand has been around for a few years now and Sophie is lovely. When every a collection is getting released there is ample reminders of its time and place and even when there is an issue with the website she is over apologetic about it. Over the years I have purchased over 150 of femme fatale polishes and they have always been amazing quality. She always has a great range to offer along with her cosmetic side of eyeshadows and blushes too.



noble garden

So there you have it!! 5 of the most trusted indies I purchase from I think in total for these five brands I would have over 700 polishes! I love every polish and I've never had an issue! I have pretty much worn everyone at least to swatch. And all of these brands have excellent customer service and use the highest quality ingredients. 

Keep an eye out as I will be posting more indies I trust over the next few posts!!!!

Make sure you support our indies and not all brands are tarred with the same brush and so many great and trusting brands are out there.

until next time........
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Friday, August 28, 2015

Celestial Cosmetics The Chocolate Factory Collection Swatches

Hi there everyone!!!!
Today I have to share with you the new collection by Celestial Cosmetics.

The Chocolate Factory Collection is based upon Tim Burton's version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The collection is a selection of  7 polishes. All are holographic, either linear or scattered.

Lets check them out......  *Please note that I swatched on my hand with nail enhancements as well as my little nubs on my other hand :)

The Candy Boat

This is a pink holographic polish to represent the candy boat in the movie. I used 3 coats for complete coverage. I really like the colour of this polish and how it looks totally different in the shade to the sun.



Chocolate River

This is a pretty brown holographic polish with full coverage in just 2 coats. I love how there is a little gold shine to this colour. It is very unique I think to my collection!



Winner 5/5

This is to represent Charlie winning the last ticket. The polish is a yellow/gold holographic polish with a blue shimmer in certain lights. I needed 3 coats for full coverage on this one and I think I may have even needed 4 coats over my french tips as after 3 I could still see a VNL.
Saying that I also tried one coat over a base of white which seemed to work out a lot better.




one coat over white base (sun)


This polish is all about the Oompa loompas and their bright red outfits. It is a scatters holo with micro glitter and was opaque in 2 coats. I think this is a lovely colour, very bright!!!!




Eye on the Prize

based on violet from the movie Eye on the prize is a bright blue holographic polish with full coverage in 2 coats. A pretty blue which is pretty much linear holo wise.




You can eat the Grass.

This is a bright vibrant green holographic polish. I used 2 coats for full coverage. the formula like all celestials was great!! Im a lover of greens and this did not disappoint.



The Velvet Jacket

to represent the jacket worn by willy wonka in the movie, celestial produced an amazing red purple colour. It is quite opaque so full coverage in 2 coats. This I think would be my fav in the collection by far I love it!!!!!




The whole collection is available from today they are $12 each and can be purchased from Celestial Cosmetics directly. or you can check out their many Stockists to find out in your country where to buy from.

Until next time.......

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