Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Paint your nails Blue day 2 and 3 My Families nails!

Yesterday was officially the autism awareness day. i had planned on doing a big thing on my blog about it but after all the other stuff going on with this month it totally got away from me! so today i am sharing with you our whole family's manis for autism awareness day!

first up are mine.
1st April Mani- this was Lokis Lacquer Allons-Y 3 coats by itself with top coat.

 2nd April Mani- i used Essence I love bad boys topped with DIFFERENT dimension -light it up blue. which is awesome as it glows in the dark blue!!!

Todays Mani- 3rd April- i am wearing one of my all time favorite polishes. but i only have a mini bottle so i do not wear it very often. it is by Dollish Polish and called- It is bigger on the inside. i love how it is the perfect blue with tiny tiny flecks of lighter blue through it.

So now we are up to my Hubby Rob. He is wearing Revlon Royal. one coat. i honestly do not think her would have sat still for more than 1 coat. Plus OMG the moaning about getting stained nails!!! he was worse than us nail bloggers about it!!! it was like harden up rob!!!

Next up is Poppy my youngest. she was very vocal about getting her fingers AND toes painted. and HAD to choose the polish! so on her toes Poppy is wearing shades of Phoenix Astraios. she made me laugh as she went nuts when she saw a little glitter star on her toes! 

And on pop's fingers Poppy picked Zoya Noel. i love this polish as i only needed to put 1 coat on her pinkies!!!

 And last up is Zoe my eldest. She is the reason we do all this as Zoe has Autism. Zoe wanted to make her own polish for this day and i let her loose on my lokis lacquer glitters and tints!
She came up with a polish she called mustache cash stash. a quote from regular she informs me! plus she also says she is going to make a WHOLE collection! we will see!

So everyone has blue nails in our house!!!!
 did you do yours??
and why not share them with us? you can share them in many ways. on IG with #lightitupbluenails or #bluenailsforautism you can also join out paint it blue nail group over at facebook or even enter the competition i have going on on the lokis lacquer facebook page just add your nails on the timeline for your change to win!

we have a whole month of blue ahead of us. my aim is to wear 30 different brands of blue polish through out every day in april!

And do not forget to checkl out where we will be having an auction of custom made blue nail polishes from indie makers around the world!

Tara :)