Monday, May 20, 2013

Picture Polish Paradise- swatch and review

Today have a really pretty polish to share with you all that was given to me as a thank you for sending a friend a bunch of picture polishes to her overseas !
I was really excited when i received this polish as i had been eyeing it off for a while but never managed to purchase it yet!

This polish just had a really lovely shine i the bottle and the purple/pinky glitters just are perfect with the polish!

First off, excuse my nubbins, my beautiful square nails were destroyed by gardening the other week so i had to file them all down :( but they will grow back!!!

I used Nubar base coat for this swatch then 3 coats of paradise. then a top coat of seche vite.
I think when i would wear it again i would put some undies on as i found that 3 coats did not quite cover my nail line. i think apart from that this polish is a keeper! i will not be swapping it any time soon!!!
I wore this polish for 2 days before starting to get chips which for me with 2 kids is a great result!
I would be interested to see how this polish looked with the new Picture polish G'day Matte over it. i like the matte effect so i may give it a go when i buy the matte effect polish from picture polish.

Removal was not too bad. i did not need to use the foil method but the glitter did need a little rubbing to get them off.

you can purchase Picture Polish HERE and make sure you check out their everyday deals. and if you are overseas there are links to where you can purchase online overseas too.

Tara :)