Monday, June 29, 2015

LaBomb Mani bomb review

*Press Sample.

Hi there everyone! today I have to share with you a new brand called La Bomb Mani bombs.

I was lucky enough to have some sent to me for review.

If you have been under a rock...the new and biggest craze is Mani Bombs. I have tried a few from america and TBH I was not very impressed. They smelt great but as far as moisturising my hands....meh. 
When the owner Kura of  La Bomb Mani bombs asked if I would like to review a few I thought why not! And i'm so clad I did!!!!

I was sent the following Mani bombs-

2 were broken, but not by the lack of bubble wrap. I'm pretty sure Australia post stood on my parcel. but they are going to get popped into water anyways so its not an issue :)

I decided to use Love Spell for my first try with them. Reason....well I let Zoe pick and she liked the smell the best! 
The scents on all of the bombs were really nice, My favourite would have to be the sweet pea and vanilla, and mulberry spice. I used a big fruit bowl to use and I used 45oC  water.

I popped Love Spell in the water and it fizzed for over a minute which was twice as long as other brands id tried!!!

Here is a video of it fizzing away!

Once it finished fizzing I placed my hand is for 5 minutes. I found that there was a bunch of oils on the surface and in the water. 
After 5 min I took my hands out and thy felt so smooth and soft! Zoe decided she wanted to use the water too she she did the same as me for 5 min.

Zoes hands in the water

Both our hands felt so soft! I was very impressed as was Zoe!!!!

The left over water smelt so good I decided to use it to clean out the cats litter tray! Yup!!!! recycle! now the litter tray smells nice too!!!!!

These mani bombs are by far the best I have tried. They are a good size, reasonable priced and the amount of oils in them is perfect.

You can purchase them from  La Bomb Mani bombs and the prices are from AUD$1.80 each.
If you want to know when new stock is becoming available check out La Bomb Mani bomb Facebook page for all the up to date info!!!!!

Until next time.......
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