Tuesday, March 1, 2016

40 Great Nail Art Ideas- Fashion

Hi there everyone!!!!
Today the theme is Fashion. I am the last person to do fashion.......Im more geeky than fashionable....im still wearing stuff i had 10 years ago!!!!
So I went to the interweb and googled fashion and a black and white outfit caught my eye.

Basic...yes but thats the kind of thing id do wear baggy black pants under everything!!!

I used Pretty Serious Cosmetics absence and presence for this mani. and I painted everything freehand! yup! not striping tape for this girl!!!!

While I was doing my nails my little one pops wanted her nails done too and she asked for zebra. Well its almost impossible to do zebra on such tine nails that wont keep still so I did my best!

She was very happy with them!!!

Make sure you check out everyone else's nails below!!!!
Until next time......