Sunday, May 6, 2012

One lovely blog award

Hello there everyone!,
well, i got a nice surprise in my inbox the other day! i received a one lovely blog award from Passion for polish how nice of her!!!

so here are the rules..... 1- list 7 things about yourslef and 2- award 15 other bloggers out there!

ok! here goes.......
1- my nails ARE real.
2- i have 2 beautiful children.
3- blue and green are my go to colours for polish.
4- i cannot touch avocado, the texture freaks me out.(weird i know but true!)
5- i am actually a horticulturist by trade.
6- My passion is crafting and my nails.
7- i LOVE the show True blood.

now let me think of some great blogs to give a holla too......

i just love all these site plus a bunch more!
go check them out, follow them and in return you will get some FANTASTIC inspiration.