Saturday, May 12, 2012

A giveaway for all.... and a swatch or 2....

Good evening ya all! it has been a few days since i have posted but with my mother in law here i have not really had the time to do my nails everyday like i usually do.
But i do have a little giveaway for everyone.

I really would like to get my following up so i thought i would have a 50-100 follower giveaway.

I have a bottle of max factor Fantasy fire. this is a great polish all the way from the UK. i am going to post below some swatches.
Next i have a bottle of Sea Creature from The Hungry Asian this is a lovely polish on! 
Along with this i have made a polish ring with the same polish.using a silver platede ring.
Lastly and i am sorry it is hard to see, is a Neon Green holographic polish. This is one of my frankens i am thinking of selling it has no name and one of the chances to win will be to think of a name for it! This franken is made with spectraflair so it is really hololly(is that a word???!!)
The raffle will finish on the 12th June 2012
This is for everyone so international and Australia!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Ok now for some swatches.
The first i want to share is Max Factor Fantasy Fire, i do not think i could ever afford the clarins 230 so i got my mother in law to send me a few bottle of this little gem.

This polish is so beautiful. I layered it on to Revlon Royal 1 coat then fantasy fire 2 coats and a top coat of CG fast forward. it was really hard to get all the colours it changes to but it goes from red to yellow to orange to a green depending on the way the light hits your nails.
I really am in love!!!
I have tried it on black too and that gives a whole different effect!

Next up is Barry M croc effects. I thought i would love this polish but i like it not love it. honestly i would have liked it in white rather than black but it only comes in black.

I layered it with 1 coat of a holo green i made from a sally hansen emerald city polish, then put on 1 coat of the croc effects. this polish was a little tricky too as it your polish is dry it will not work! so you have to put it on when the polish is not fully dry. then once i did this i put a coat of max factor fantasy fire "just to see"what it is like!

Lastly is i think my favorite...i really wanted Deborah Lippmann across the Universe but i just cannot bring myself to pay the many dollars it is. but thank you essence. they have brought out a polish that is a dupe.
check it out!

This is 2 coats on a clear base coat.
i'm in love!!!!

So do not forget to enter the giveaway and good luck