Saturday, November 17, 2012

Picture Polish Jealousy swatches

Hello there!
today i have a lovely polish from Picture Polish that  i took several swatches of this polish but doe some reason my camera just did not like me :( I did managed to get a great shot of my daughter poppy and i holding the bottle.
Picture polish Jealously was a very thick polish. i liked it because i only needed to use 1 coat for full coverage. what i did not like was that i managed to get shrinkage on my nails with this polish. maybe if u had used 2 coats i would not have had as much shrinkage. The Green was awesome! one of my fav colours.
i mush swatch this with one of my pretty seroius polishes because i think they are not dupes but really close.

 I would totally recommend this polish i just love it!

Tara :)