Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Introducing...SPACE PILOT 3000 collection from Loki's Lacquer

Good News EVERYONE!!!!.....sorry i had to start this post with that phrase!

Today i am sharing with you my new collection from LOKI'S LACQUER.
After lots of deciding what my new collection was, i decided to go with one of my favorite cartoons......Futurama!

I Just love Futurama, so with all my favorite characters to inspire me i came up with 11 polishes to share with you.

You will notice that some of the catch phrases and quotes are not " exactly"the same as quotes from the show. i did this due to not wanting to get in trouble from the powers that be and copying all their shows lines.

All of these polishes are available for sale on my etsy site called  LOKI'S LACQUER and i have for sale mini bottles as well as full size 12ml bottles. Prices start from AUD$5.00 and i have available listings for international sales as well as australian ones.
*Note*  i also have a listing for Aussie buyers- if you buy 6 or more polishes in full size you get free shipping. just use the listing for this to qualify for the free shipping.

So lets go through the polishes.......

First up is the title polish of my collection... SPACE PILOT 3000
This is a beautiful with different effects depending if you are inside or out.
 The polish is based on a black base and in the shade you will see many different coloured glass flecks through it. but once you go outside.... BAM!!! you are hit with a eye blinding whack of holographic goodness.
The swatches for this polish are 2 coats over ulta3 black satin.

Here is a couple of seconds video of it in the sun.

Next up is everyone's favorite character......BENDER.........
With this polish i tried to capture his shiny silverness! 

I named this polish...BITE MY SHINY METAL ASS
 the below pic is 2 coats over China Glaze immortal.

Next up is HYPNOTOAD........

He has his own TV show and seems to hypnotize everyone!!!
What better way to capture this polish but with over 50 different sizes of glitter all in a sheer base that in certain lights will appear blue,then green,then red. i also added a punch of holographic pigment and glitter to finish you all off.
When you wear this polish you will be totally hypnotized by your nails!!!

The picture below is 1 coat over nails inc baker street.

 Next up is My polish inspired by LEELA. this polish is called.... I can be really i
impulsive, it just takes me a while....

I was inspired by her bright purple hair, so with that in mind i created a bright purple foil like polish.
This is 2 coats over an essence purple polish ( i so cannot remember its name :( )
This polish cn be used buy itself and with 3-4 coats will be quite opaque.

So who is next???
well we now have the main man...... FRY.

 I named this polish..... PEOPLE SAID I WAS DUMB, BUT I PROVED THEM!
I had to capture Fry's bright orange hair and his red jacket didn't i! so i used some great holo orange glitter red glitter and a splash of white.
This swatch is 1 coat over Ulta3 coral.

OMICRON PERSEI 8 is the name of the planet where LRRR is from.
and i thought i would make a polish up just for his planet and name it the same (omicron persei 8).
This is another one of my polishes which is just that little bit different. I used blue and green glitter with a duochrome base so the polish look like it has a greenish tinge to start with but layer it over black polish and it will change from green to a great reddish brown colour.
Below are 2 coats over Ulta3 black satin.

So who do we have left???
Next up is a polish inspired by AMY WONG.

 I named this polish.... IM TOO RICH TO BE KIDNAPPED.
I tried to get as much pink into this bottle as i could! i used holo pink glitter, pink moondust pigment for a pink effect when layers over black and lots and lots of pink matte glitter in many different sizes!

The swatch is 1 coat over Essie supa bossanova

So we are over 1/2 way though the collection now, thirsty???
how about a can of SLURM???

And who is the spokesman for Slurm?? its Slurms Mackenzie!!!!
So i called my next polish.... WHIMMY WHAM WHAM WAZZLE!!

I SO wanted to a glow in the dark polish for this one, but every glow in the dark pigment i used did not work well with other pigment in this polish and it kept sinking to the bottom :( so not glow in the dark...sorry :(
Instead i created a bright green foil type polish with pink and blue glitter to match the Slurms can!
This is 2 coats over Ulta3 white lily.

Only a couple more polishes to go now.

Next up is a polish i called GOOD NEWS EVERYBODY. and before you all say it ...yes i am well aware the saying is "good news everyone" but like i said at the beginning i had to change up slightly to cover my butt for copyright. But We ALL know who says this dont we.....

 I tried to capture the aqua of the outfit in this polish, so i used an aqua base with aqua,white and teal matte glitter.
I swatched this with 2 coats over Ulta3 white lily.

Only 2 more polishes to go!.......
Second last is our good friend Dr Zoidberg. 
I named this polish ...WHOOP!WHOOP!WHOOP! 
I tried to capture him inside and out. hence the red and pink glitter,in a white polish.
I swatched this 1 coat over Ulta3 white lily.

 So last polish.......
I just LOVE this character!!!!! ZAPP BRANNIGAN.
He comes out with the best one liners ever!!!
 so what better way to represent him than with a polish named after one of those great quotes! There were so many to choose from but i ended up deciding on naming my polish..... KIF, WE HAVE A CONDRUMDUM,SEARCH THEM FOR PAPER AND BRING ME A ROCK.

I SO wanted to capture Zapps uniform with this polish. I used many different Burgundy glitters along with ruby glitter,and many different shapes of gold holo glitter, including large square,slices and stars.
The swatch is 1 coat dabbed on over China Glaze merry berry.

So there you have it! My take on Futurama in polish!!!!!
I hope you liked them all. Every one of these polishes are available for purchase  at LOKI'S LACQUER 

You can also get updates on my new polishes when they come out buy liking Lokis Lacquer on Facebook or following Loki's Lacquer on Instagram @ lokislacquer  

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