Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lokis Lacquer Easter Collection

hello there everyone! so easter is upon us ..well almost... and i have my limited edition easter collection for you to check out.
This collection will only be available from 1-31st march 2013.
There are 5 polishes in the collection and yep they are pastels. but all with a little bit of a twist. It was really hard to capture them on film, but if you have ever brought my polish before you will not be disappointed with the different effects i have used in these polishes.

Ok so first up is my favourite in the collection- Buddy.
I named this polish after my daughters plush bunny which she calls buddy. Zoe has had this plush toy since she was 2 years old and still has in now. whenever she is upset of sick,good old buddy re surfaces to keep her company :)

Here is Zoe with buddy when she was 3.

with this polish i wanted to capture the lilac of buddy but with a bit of a twist. so this polish has ultra fine holo glitter in it and the polish also has a green to pink shift.

as you can see with the top pic there is that greeny silver shine and on the second pic there is a pinky shine. also note the holo. so hard to capture, but it is there :)
This is 3 coats by itself with no top coat.

Next up is - Spring has sprung.
I love green, and easter really is all about spring grass and beautiful pretty flowers.
with this polish i made a green holo polish with a pink shift. Again sooooo hard to capture :( but i tried my best :)

I'm sure you can see the slight pink shift in this polish. it is more defined in real life.
This is 3 coats buy itself with no top coat.

Our 3rd polish is called -  Bluebell.
I lived in the UK for 6 years and bluebells for me really depict easter. they were everywhere!!!
This polish is a lovely cornflower/bluebell colour with a copper glass fleck through it.

I love how this polish turned out, but SO hard to capture the copper flecks. it heps also if the silly clouds did not keep going over the sun when taking the pics!

You can see some of the copper flecks in the macro shot.
i used 3 coats with no top coat.

So second last is - Easter egg hunt.
This is a matte glitter bomb of many different pastel glitters. please note that this mix of glitter is hand made and NOT a brought pre mixed glitter. there are many of those out there but personally i find you cannot get the same effect when you use glitter mixes.

I just wanted this polish to be used as a topper and co ordinate with ALL of my other easter polishes. and when you look at the polish you will see that every glitter matches up pretty close with the same coloured polish :)

I used 1 dabbed coat over lokis lacquer bluebell.

Last up is a polish called - hey Chicky!

I named this polish for 2 reasons. first was because after making testers, the polish reminded me of fluffy little chicks, and the other reason i have a mate Rachael...yes you know who you are PB.... who Always say "hey Chicky!"so i HAD to name this polish for her :)
 This polish is also a little different too, it is a yellow shimmer polish with gold effect iridescent flakies, a foil effect pigment and to top it off micro fine holo glitter with sterling silver flakies.
it is very blingy!

i used 2 coats by itself with no top coat.

So this collection will be for sale over at LOKIS LACQUER from 6pm EST on the 1st march 2013.
The prices will be $5.00 for minis and $9.00 for full size polish.
Also don't forget the Australian offers LOKIS LACQUER. buy 6 full size or 10 minis and you will get free shipping with in Australia.
Also there are listings for international shipping. You can also contact me via etsy if you would like a quote to post to your country.

Do not forget the gremlins trio- the 3 rules also gets released on the 1st march. so a great time to stock up and take advantage of the offers :)

Tara :)