Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Dinosaur Nail art

Hi there everyone! 
I have been a little AWOL this past week and im sorry about that. I have a lot going on at home with my 2 special needs girls so they took priority over everything else and that included my blog. But im back today to share with you some nail art I did the other week when I took my eldest Zoe to the Australian Museum to see the Dinosaur exhibit. We had a great day and Zoe loved every bit! She is mad for dinos and I thought why not pop a dino on my nails!!!

I used a bunch of polishes including a huge array of Ulta3 colours and Dance Legend Knight to make the scales. Everything was hand painted except for the scales which was stamped on with a mash plate then I went over it with different coloured polishes.

Here is a few pics of Zoe at the museum and on her way home too.

We had a blast and several people commented on my mani!

Until next time......
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