Saturday, January 23, 2016

40 Great Nail Art Ideas- 3 Shades of Purple

Hi there Everyone!!! Todays challenge is 3 Shades of Purple and the prompt is 3D embellishment.
No im not one really for a lot of 3D anything on my nails. I tend to know them off within minutes of applying and glueing on studs bows and anything else more than about 2 mm thick.

Anyways, So I decided to grab some Pretty Serious Cosmetics purple( cosmic comet) and stamp with my new bundle monster plate. and to be honest it kind of turned out pretty meh. So I stuck some 3D bows on it and took some pics.

Not being happy with this I tried again. This time I used some OPI polishes to do a gradient. ( purple Palazo pants, lost my bikini in molokini, a grape affair) then stamped with a hit the bottle purple polish. and finally used a different 3D bow. I was much more happy with that finished effect!!!!

Heaps better!!!!!

Sometimes I struggle with these prompts as I did this week. but the end result is ok I think :)

Make sure you check out everyone else's manis this week!!!!!

Until next time.....
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