Saturday, January 9, 2016

40 Great Nail art Ideas- pale blue base

Hi there Everyone! So i missed the other weeks challenge :( sorry people but man it was the holidays and trying to get stuff done with kids running wild nails was the last thing on my mind. so my poor little blog has suffered but im hoping to get back on track now its January. 

So this week was use a blue base. and my prompt was dotting tools. So I grabbed a couple of bottles of Faby nail polish and whacked on a pale blue base. I used Faby Don't disturb my puppy.

Then with the dotting tool and Faby fleur de lis, Color club yum gum and Color club almost famous did a circle design on my nails.

The results were quite pleasing and the Color club I used (yum gum) was scented too so my nails smelt awesome!!!

make sure you check out everyone else pale blue base manis this week!!!!

Until next time.....

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