Sunday, February 14, 2016

Born Pretty Store Mirror Polish Duo Review.

*Press Sample
Hi there everyone!
Today I have the silver mirror polish from Born Pretty Store.
This polish was quite unique. I was keen to give it a go, so when I got the opportunity to get a bottle I jumped at the chance.

The polish came in 2 bottles. One bottle was a thin silvery substance that was a little like spray paint that had been sprayed and poured into a bottle, the other polish was a thick clear gel like polish.

The instructions on the Born Pretty site were as follows.

1. File and clean your nails.
2. Apply one coat of base coat, wait it dry.
3. (Shake it before use) Apply mirror polish with sever coat until you get the effect you want, wait it dry.
4. Seal it with Top Coat.
NOTE: This mirror polish doesn’t have a strong adsorption . It can keep about 1 or 2 days.

I first tried this way, and to be honest the silver polish seemed to almost dissolve the base coat and went all funny. Secondly I found that on natural nails, unless your nails were perfectly smooth it showed every single mark. The other thing was that even tho the instructions said to use a top coat, the moment you applied a top coat they seemed to dull a great deal.

So I tried again. this time with my nails overlayed with clear hard gel so they were perfectly smooth and layered the silver polish in thin coats directly onto my gel nails. This gave a much better finish. then i chose not to use a top coat. below are the results.

Then I tried to use the base coat as a top coat. This dulled the polish a little but no where near as bad as the regular top coats I tried. You can see below. 

It is good to note that without any type of top coat the polish started to wear off in 30 mins with general household chores. With the base coat used as a top coat it lasted longer, tho when I went in the shower the base coat bubbled and looked really bad, but when it re dried it went back to normal.

All in all this polish is a unique polish. It is the most chrome/mirror I have been able to get on my nails from a polish but it is a shame it does not last too long.

I would love to see a top coat that keeps the shine, and I would also love Born Pretty to make a gold version or even a copper one! Id buy that!!!!

You can purchase this polish duo HERE for $9.99. and if you use the code CATG10 you can get a further 10% off. Plus they offer free world wide shipping.

Until next time......