Friday, June 1, 2012

some hounds tooth action.

Hello there fellow polishers!
Today i have a main that is did real quick due to the fact the bubs was running around the house screaming and i just had to grab her before she destroyed the whole house.

I painted my nails with pretty and polished  - labor of love and decided that i was a bit bored with it so i grabbed my stamping plate i got from ninja polish and decided to stamp some hounds tooth pattern on my nails.
I used for this dollish polish - millennium falcon and apart from the silver fleck on my skin(which i did clean up later) and the crap light to photograph. the mani turned out great. i used  sally hansen top coat also.

In the past my stamping has not been that great but part from a few smudges due to a 1 year old i was happy and several people even commented on it!

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