Thursday, June 14, 2012

And we have a winner!!!!

Good morning all!
I have just worked out the whole raffle copter thing and we have a winner.........

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congraulations to JME who has won the prize!

and as a little extra i am going to pick my favorite name out of all the great ideas you all came up with for my green franken i created.

There were a load of name and some were even doubled up!

After having a good read through all the names offered up and boy was it hard i love heaps of them! i finally picked one....

Stephanie'sAwesome said...
Hmm... picking a favorite polish is so hard! I don't think I could even tell you a favorite, but my go-to polish is Julep's Charolette. It's a pretty purple, super glossy and only needs 1 super quick drying coat. It is also a really nice polish to use under ones for layering :)

You should call your franken Radioactive. I mean, it's green and holographic, how much more Radioactive can it get?

So congratulations to you stephanie's awesome you have won your self a bottle of my newly named franken radioactive and i will put a couple of new mystery polishes in for you too!
so if you can email me on osirisandloki (at) gmail (dot) com i can send you your goodies!

Thank you everyone who entered!