Sunday, June 10, 2012

Holographic shatter polish

good morning everyone, firstly i have to say sorry for crap pictures there is not much sun around so my nails look way better in real life.!
ok i wanted to get myself a holo shatter polish, i looked high and low on the interweb and could not find one. so i thought hey! i will make my own! so with a bottle of sally hansen silver crackle a empty mini bottle and some spectraflair  i got working. i tested it first with a little bit and them put 5mls of silver crackle in a bottle with a couple of ball bearings then added 2 really small scoops(with a straw) of spectraflair then mixed it up. and hey presto! i have a holo crackle! why has someone not thought to do this before and sell it is beyond me! i layered my crackle over china glaze little drummer boy then a top coat with SV.

the crackles were not great but i think that was because i layered the polish real thick to make sure there was a holo effect.
i am heaps happy! i now have a crackle holo polish!

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Tara :)