Friday, October 26, 2012

this is halloween nail art challenge- witches

Today is witches, and when everyone thinks of witches they think of one witch in particular..... the wicked witch of the west.......

And what a great musical it was....wicked! i went and saw it in sydney when i was 7 months pregnant with poppy. and apart from the fact i REALLY wanted one of the flashy light cocktails...which of course i could not have....the show was just fantastic!  and in the original movie the wizard of oz you cannot go past the stripe socks! i so wish i had a pair!!

here are my nails inspired by this famous witch.....

i used striping tape with this but maybe it was because it was crap cheap stuff from ebay but it did not work too well so i had to touch up. then i wanted to stamp a hat from my bundle monster plates but that was not wanting to work either!! so i painted it free hand instead.

not too bad.

dont forget to check out every ones else's nails!!!

Tara :)