Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Franken a lemming.......

It is always the way...when you really want a polish you can never seem to get it.
I love a polish called Shapeshifter. there is the whole drama that revolves around this particular brand of polish...she who will not be named.... and as a result this polish is either real expensive or just unable to get.
but i really like shapeshifter, i am not a huge fan of all the shapes but i am a huge fan of the fantastic holo,shiney,glittery goodness that is shows on the nail.
so i decided to make my own version. so being inspired from this polish i set to work. i got a bunch of different silver glitter and popped it into some suspension base.
and here are the results.
All these pics are on a base of layla mercury twilight and 2 coats of the franken and 2 costs of seche vite to make it smooth.

i wore this on my birthday dinner last friday. it is just so sparkly!!!!

Tara :)