Monday, October 15, 2012

this is halloween nail art challenge- zombies

so it is zombie time...guts gore and funny movies like shawn of the dead..... me i wanted to do something a little cuter. and what better than to take inspiration from my daughters fav show.......
                                                                     Monster High!!!!

One of zoes fav characters is Ghoulia Yelps. she is the daughter of zombies. so i thought i would paint my nails like her!!!
here she is........
and here are my nails.....

and what better way to add to my nails this challenge than using oneo f my own polishes!
Scared and Nerdy from my monster high 2 ghould 4 skool collection.
you can seescared and nerdy on  my pointy finger!
These polishes are available on my etsy shop Here and i do ship overseas.

dont forget to check out every one elses challenges too!

tara :)