Sunday, August 31, 2014

Celestial cosmetics polish swatches.

Hi there everyone!!!, As I seem to have an ever increasing collection of Celestial Cosmetics polishes I thought I would so a spam post to share a bunch of swatches I have done. I do not own every Celestial Cosmetic Polish...but I own most of them *wink wink*  Some of these colours are now deleted, but I do know that Celestial Cosmetics do have some of their deleted product still for sale intil they run out over at their Website.

First up is Celestial's July LE polish. Every month they create a Limited Edition polish for you to buy for that month only. Julys was a very pretty jacaranda blue/lilac colour. the holo of the polish was not as full on as some of Celestial's other polishes but the colour is still amazing!!! I used 3 coats here.


sun(out of focus for full effect!)

Next up is one of Celestial cosmetics first polishes!!! Celestial Night is a bright shimmery plum polish with a hint of gold shimmer and holo glitters. It is a pretty combo and only 2 coats!!!



Last up is The Pink Planet, a bright pink polish leaning to the reds. There is lots of fine glitters in the polish which makes the polish really sparkle!!! I used 2 coats for the swatches.

Celestial Cosmetics have a wide range of polishes in all colours and types ranging from $9.50 each. They ship worldwide but also have many international stockists which can be found on their website also.

Until next time.........
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