Friday, August 8, 2014

Nail art with gold leaf.

Hi there everyone! Today I have some cool gold and silver leaf to share with you.
I recently received from Born Pretty Store some little jars of gold and silver leaf. in the pack were a jar of silver and a jar of gold. the size was quite big and I think you could pretty much cover all 10 nails with one jar. here is what the leaf looked like.

I tried to unfold the gold leaf a best as I could to give you an idea of how big the pieces are. Each piece was approx 3 inches square which is a great size for the small price they are.
I decided to do a rough weathered look on my nails with both colours,so I painted my nails with OPI my dogsled is hybrid from the new Nordic Collection (2 coats +top coat) and then with some regular top coat.....NOT quick drying........I randomly popped rough streaks of polish over my nail. Then laid the gold foils over once the polish was tacky. Using a old paint brush (I used an old concealer brush) i pushed the gold leaf on and brushed away any unwanted leaf from my cuticles etc. I did each nail separately. Then once all the gold was randomly on my nails I went back and did the same with silver leaf.
Lastly I poped over a coat of Picture Polish Revolution. I used this particular polish which is actually a base coat polish because it is one of the very few polishes that will not wrinkle your foils/gold leaf. Once the revolution was dry I then popped over my normal top coat.

Here are the results.



 The all over effect I really liked and it was very quick when you go the hang of the leaf and how delicate it is.

You can pick up the gold and silver leaf for only $2.29 over at Born Pretty Store and if you use the code CATG10 you will get a further 10% off and free postage worldwide.
If you like the new OPI colour My dogsled is hybrid head on over to David Jones where the new Nordic collection are Exclusive.

Until next time......

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