Saturday, September 27, 2014

Picture Polish Illusionist swatches

Hi there everyone! I have not been posting these past few weeks , and I am sorry my readers, but I promise there will be more and more great things to come soon. 
Next month is my 40th birthday so I will be organizing a giveaway for that ! plus I have some exciting things in the works, which I will share soon.

Anyways, ATM my nails are in a real poor condition. My nails have never been the strongest and I was informed that IBX system would work wonders, so I forked out the $55 for the repair and IBX. I applied it as the instructions stated but within a day or so my nails had become brittle and all split and broke. *cries* So I have been sporting nubs. Bare with me and my swatches as my nails grow. But for today I am using swatches I did a little while ago when my nails were long and purtty!!!

Ok so Picture Polish Illusionist. This was a limited edition polish they released a few months back. it is a multichrome that shifts from purple/blue/teal/navy and has holo glitter/flake in it.
The polish is stunning but the formula is very thin, so you will need layer it over black polish/gel. I used 2 coats over a black gel. What i loved about layering over the gel was I seemed to be able to get a much better shift as you will see in the pics. 

Picture Polish have sold out of this polish, but you can check out their etailers and blogsales to see if you can grab yourself one. It is super pretty, I think I have other polishes similar so maybe ill do a comparison swatch too so you can see what you can get that is close.

Until next time......
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