Monday, September 15, 2014

Some Femme Fatale Swatches

Hi there everyone!!!!!
Well last week was a total right off, so I'm sorry that I did not post anything on lokis lacquer.
If you have been following Lokis Lacquer on IG (@lokislacquer) you would have seen that last week was party here. We had my hubbys birthday and both my barnicles birthdays all in one week. It is chaos every year round this time!!! So I have not done much swatching at all.
I do have some Femme Fatale spam tho to share with you so I hope that wets your appetite for normalcy now the parties are over!!!!

So lets check them out!

Zoya Flynn with a Femme Fatale Sparkling sands gradient

Femme Fatale underlight (color4nails exclusive)

butterfly nail art with FF underlight

flowery nails with messy mansion plate20 and using Femme Fatale ruby hare,Mr Pinchy and Barnicle wrangler

Femme Fatale Coldwraith

Femme Fatale Cold wraith with OPI matte top coat

Femme Fatale edge of the cosmos with OPI matte top coat

Femme Fatale Noble Gardem

Femme Fatale  twilight meteorite 

Femme Fatale Twilight meteorite with OPI matte top coat

So there you have it !!! Some amazing pics of the beautiful polishes from Femme Fatale.
You can purchase Femme fatale polish from their WEBSITE. and they also have a number of international stockists as well!!!!!

Until next time.......

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