Sunday, May 17, 2015

Hit The Bottle Swatches Part 2

*Press Sample.

Hi there everyone!! Today I have some stamping polishes from Hit the Bottle to share with you all.
When Michelle from Hit the Bottle approached me to try her stamping polishes I was quite keen to do so. I had tried Hit the Bottle before Here and I had mixed results. So to give the brand a second chance was great.

I was sent 10 colours to try. All were in 4ml bottles which sell for $3.00 each (at the time of posting) They also sell 9ml bottles for $6.75. 

I decided to swatch the colours on a wheel first so you can get a good idea of the colours.
Remember these polishes are stamping polishes so you would not normally use them for regular nails as they would chip super easy. 

The polishes sat on my desk for a little while and I did notice so separation in several of the colours. This I have been told by the owner that this will happen due to the large concentrations of pigment in the polishes. Once shaken they mix back in fine. The formula when swatching I found a few bits of pigment not completely mixed in, but when stamping this does not really matter as you are scraping the polish so thin on the plate.

I chose a fine pattern to test the polish on and over black as this is always the question  that is asked when it opaque over black!

All of the colours stamped well. You will see that the drunken elf and i'm pinking of blue actually look a lot different over black than in the bottle.

I then took a bottle of Indigo Bananas Halcyon and popped 2 coats on. waited to dry and stamped first Magenta at Your Own Risk then over that Hello Buttercup. I did this because I wanted to see if the colours would stamp over each other and still be opaque. and yep it was, which is great for when you are doing double stamping.

Overall, I was glad I got to revisit these stamping polishes, this batch was way better than my previous experiences with them and I know that I will use them in the future, especially the greens. I liked the metallic  effect, but I would like to see some flat colours in the future for variety.

You can purchase Hit the Bottle polishes Here for $3.00 4ml or $6.75 9ml. 
You can check out them also on Facebook  for updates and offers.

Until next time.........
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