Friday, March 23, 2012

My first franken polish

I love the great array of franken polishes out there that you can buy, though i seem to always miss out with buying them! my favorite is dollish polish but every time they open they sell out in like several mins and i am usually asleep when they open due to time zones etc.
so i thought i would have a go with making my own.
i have called this polish merely mink.
 it does not look that great in the bottle but it looks heaps better on the nail.
it is almost a duo chrome from brown to green.

The weather outside was crap so i had to take the pics with the lamp so you cannot see it at its best. but you get the idea!

to make this franken i used a sally hansen top coat clear and added 4 scoops(the little straw ones) of Pearl - ex in mink. it has been sitting for several days now and has not settled so i am well happy!
the pearl ex pigments are really cheap and they do several 2 tone colours.