Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My mini haul at priceline

One again i went to priceline and spent a fortune on polish. I wish they did not have their specials on!
I got 2 orly polishes...they have them on special for $4.99 at the moment! and then priceline had sally Hansen 3 for 2! but a NOTE!!!! when you are paying for them put all the cheapest polishes together pay for them then pay for the more expensive separately!!!! I had 3 xtreme polishes for $6.95 and then one for $13.95, one for $9.95 and one for $12.95. i got the sales gal to ring the more expensive ones up last so i got the more expensive one free but the till just took the 2 cheaper ones off the total bill!!! WTF! so buy paying for them in sets of 3 i got $6.96 off one lot of 3 and then $9.95 off the second lot of 3. i know it was only a few dollars but every penny counts!!!!

I will do swatches when i get a chance!

next up is another franken i did.
I grabbed a bottle of emerald city sally Hansen  xtreme polish and put 3 little scoops of spectraflair into it. and made me a great green holo!!! I don't want to spend a small fortune on holo polishes so adding it to $6.95 polish is a much better option!!!

I just cannot get enough of that spectraflair!!!!