Monday, March 19, 2012

Crazy hair day was more of a crazy nail day.....

So last Friday was crazy hair day at Zoe's school. on top of this it was Mufti day also. For anyone who does not know what mufti day is, it is when the kids get to do to school out of school uniform.
Anyway on Friday Zoe got ready for school and at 830am started going nuts screaming and hyperventilating. For you guys out there in blog world Zoe has ASD and an anxiety disorder so little things that do not bother most of us really can set her off.
So i calmed her down and asked her what the problem was. she reminded me it was mufti day and crazy hair day. so i helped her get ready in a new outfit and crimped her hair and popped it up in pigtails. what do you want from me in 30 mins!!! then 10 to 9am she says...'what about my nails?' Are you kidding me?????? so i could not let her down. i painted her nails with sally hansen hot magenta,China glaze black mesh and melia silver holo.
 It did not look half bad. and thank god for china glaze fast forward! dry in just a few mins!

I still had time to take a pic!
So the crazy hair day was more about the nails than the hair but as long as Zoe was happy, i was happy!