Monday, November 25, 2013

Aussie Nails Monday Picture polish,Alanna Renee and MCKFresh Nail Attire

Happy AN Monday everyone!
Today the aussie indie theme was black, white, silver, gold or anything metallic. I had a good hunt through my stash  and found a aussie indie in gold, silver and black.
Lets get on with it shall we??

First up is Picture Polish Starry Night. This is a beautiful black jelly with tiny holographic/silver micro "shards"through it. I used a base coat or Orly Bonder then 3 coats of Starry Night and a top coat of SV.

After finishing this i thought... why not use Picture Polish G'day Matte on top!

I really like how it gives a whole different look to the polish!!!

So next up is a silver polish by MCKFresh Nail Attire. Laser Pointers is a really strong silver polish with tiny little micro bars in it that catch the light i certain angles. I used base coat and then 3 coats of the polish and of course a SV top coat.

Last up is Alanna Renee Golden Snitch.
With this polish i used a base coat then 3 coats with a top coat of SV.

All these are great aussie brands. 
so where to find them??  you can pick up Picture Polish from their website and dont forget to check out their everyday deals on polish. Picture Polish ship with in australia and they also have a link to all their e-tailers that ship outside of OZ. 

MCKFresh Nail Attire can be purchased from her etsy shop and please make sure you check out her links for outside australia sellers also.

And lastly Alanna Renee can be purchased from her website and also if you check out her links you can find where you can purchase outside australia.

So until next time.....
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