Sunday, August 23, 2015

Celestial cosmetics Vivid Void 13 swatches

Hi there everyone!!!!!

Every now and again, you come across an amazing polish that you just cannot keep your eyes off.
Today I have one of these polishes.
Celestial Cosmetics have sample sales every now and again, and the other month I managed to grab a few!
When you purchase from the sample sale all you have to go by is the bottle shot, so it is a risk to a degree, but if your a lover of Celestial Cosmetics you usually cannot go too far wrong.

I managed to pick up this pretty. called vivid Void 13. All the samples from this release were called vivid voids and then a number.

The bottle shot looked like a dark green to grey shifting polish with a bit of teal. Here is the bottle shot I had to go on.

Pic courtesy of Celestial Cosmetics.

As you can see you have to have faith it will be awesome!!! It was sooo much more!!!!

When I got the polish and popped it on all I needed was 2 coat by itself. no black base was needed .
In the sun the polish was a pretty grey green with slight flecks of shift from the green to grey to a blue then a purple.

Then In the shade it looked really dark green with a grey shift and a slight purple shift.This is very unique!


It was when I went inside and the artificial light hit the polish I was like WOW!!!!
The polish on some angles was this amazing emerald green!!!!

artificial light
And then other angles it was the most amazing teal blue! and the further i tilted my nails it went to almost navy!!!!

artificial light

To top it off on a different angle it looked totally purple, tho I was so excited I forgot to take a pic!!!

This polish is truly amazing!! I am so lucky to have got it and own it!!!!

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Until next time.....
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