Tuesday, August 4, 2015

So Where Have I been???.....

Hi there Everyone!  
So its been almost a month since I last posted on Lokis Lacquer. A bunch has gone on as well as life's usual things. From kids stuff to starting TAFE its been chaos.

So First of all I just started TAFE (college for non aussie peeps) doing my Certificate 2 in Nail Technology. I've always wanted to do the course but with 2 special needs kids never had the opportunity to do it. I started in the beginning of July and wow the work load is huge! Especially while running a household with my girls. 
I have been learning Ratios for acrylic and how to set up my nail station, plus a bunch of chemistry stuff all about monomers and polymers. etc.

While this was all going on...disaster struck!!!!! the ever dangerous household chores hit hard while I was cleaning the hover filter I whacked my hand and managed to chip the bone off my knuckle on my pointy finger on my left hand :( As a lefty this was not good :( no swatching for over 3 weeks. it sucked and the polishes backed up big time!!!!

This is a pic after the swelling had gone down an I got it x rayed. it started to bruise heaps.

so I have been backlogged for weeks with wonderful pretties to share and have only just started to swatch again.
Over the next few weeks ill have some amazing stuff from celestial cosmetics, pretty serious cosmetics, essence, ulta3 and Ive just been sent from america some Jamberry products. I am looking forward to see how the Jamberry holds up to regular polish and other wrap brands. 

Plus I just purchased the new illamasqua polishes out here in oz and ill be doing a big post on this wonderful brand.

Until next time.....
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